Watershed event?

Leading Israeli leftist intellectual, A B Yehoshua proclaimed last week that
the two state solution was dead and suggested Israel annex Area C for

That’s ALL of Area C. No nickel and diming for A. B. Yehoshua.

The response?

The only thing Yossi Beilin could do when asked by Israel Radio Reshet Bet
was raise the demographic boogeyman.

Beilin warned that an Arab majority was inevitable.

Here’s the math as provided by Yoram Ettinger:

At the end of 2015:
6.7 million Jews, including 300,000 who are Jews according to the law of
return, but not according to the Halachah….
1.75 million Arabs in Judea & Samaria
1.75 million Arabs in the pre-1967 boundaries of Israel (which includes
about 160,000 Christian Arabs and 120,000 Druz, who are not Arabs, and
280,000 Bedouins, half of whom identify with the Jewish State, including
military and national service).

The result: A 66% Jewish majority in the combined area of Judea, Samaria
and the “Green Line,” highlighting an upward Jewish demographic trend
(fertility and migration wise) and a rapidly Westernized Arab demography,
especially in Judea & Samaria.

By the way – Beilin’s “solution” is a confederation of a Palestinian state
and Israel. He doesn’t give any thought to the demographic ramifications of
a Palestinian state with sovereign control over its gateways to the outside

Bottom line: if demography is the key consideration, we are better off
completely annexing Judea and Samaria than having a sovereign Palestinian
state that can flood the area with Arabs who can trace back a relative who
was here before 1948.

We most certainly don’t have to aid the Palestinians in their Phased Plan to
destroy Israel.