What do all these names have in common?…asks Michael Kuttner.They are places where politicians have taken action which result in the encouragement, facilitation or promotion of terror against Israel and Israelis.

Under the Obama Administration during the last 8 years there has been an incessant and unrelenting campaign to roll back Israel to the 1949 armistice lines and ignore continuing Arab incitement, hate and refusal to recognize the validity of a Jewish State. Ever since his Cairo speech at the very beginning of his Presidency, Obama with the enthusiastic support of his Secretary of State plus an assortment of fellow left wing followers, has worked tirelessly to establish another terror entity in our very midst. This delusional obsession ignores the fatal consequences for Israel guaranteed to follow such a creation. Preferring to sweep under the carpet all manifestations of the daily incitement pouring forth from PA controlled media and indoctrination of school pupils those governing in Washington instead prefer to advocate for the unsustainable.

No amount of military aid can prevent the catastrophe which would follow the re-division of Jerusalem and handing over the heartland of our country to murderous promoters of terror. Lecturing us sanctimoniously from the comfort of Washington that Judaism and democracy cannot go hand in hand is the height of hypocrisy. This continuing barrage has found willing and receptive audiences amongst the ranks of the Israel bashers so that having failed to achieve the unachievable the crackpot schemes to sell us down the river are now outsourced to others.

WELLINGTON: As change in Washington loomed and Wellington’s tenure on the UNSC ended, out from down under thundered the fearless Foreign Minister of New Zealand, ready, willing and able to co-sponsor with various suspect nations, a resolution which managed to encapsulate everything that is wrong with current thinking. In one misguided stroke this fatally flawed piece of paper killed off any prospect that the corrupt PA will negotiate anything with Israel. It gave a seal of approval to those who deny Jewish historical rights and handed them a potentially emasculated Israel on a plate. Recognition of this was swift in coming. Emboldened by international appeasement of terror and a willingness to accept the illegality of a Jewish presence in territory legally part of the Jewish homeland, the Palestinian Arab leadership now has the bit between its teeth. Diplomatic terror tactics are now the order of the day combined with murderous attacks all as a result of UN approval. Why bother to negotiate and compromise when the UN has already handed you everything you demanded?

The best example of political ignorance and arrogance now prevailing in Wellington is provided by the comments of the PM and Leader of the Opposition. On the eve of his trip to Europe the PM shrugged off Israel’s concerns over the resolution and thereby confirmed that he and his Government fully support Murray McCully’s folly. The Leader of the Opposition likewise spouted utter nonsense. “The State of Israel has internationally-recognized borders; it is settling its own people outside of those borders and encroaching on territory that ought to be the subject of a settled peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.” In actual fact the only internationally recognized borders are between Israel and Egypt and Jordan. The rest are armistice lines which can only be transformed into borders by negotiations. Judea and Samaria (West Bank) never legally belonged to Jordan which illegally occupied it prior to 1967 and has never been territory of a sovereign Arab Palestinian State because there has never been one. With this amount of ignorance prevalent in Wellington no wonder Israel has reacted the way it has.

Following the latest terror outrage in Jerusalem there was condemnation from many in the international community. New Zealand’s Foreign Minister who on a previous occasion stated that the murder of Israelis was not in his opinion terrorism has remained conspicuously silent. What a disgrace.

Finally, one wonders if the PM and/or the FM will turn up in Paris. Surely they will want to bask in the adoration of the other 69 nations gathered there. Stay tuned.

PARIS: From the city which gave us the Dreyfus Trial and Vichy we can look forward to the forthcoming fiesta of French follies on 15 January. On this date Israel will be on trial yet again as 70 nations gather to grandstand and decide what is best for us. One cannot escape the eerie echoes of Munich when Czechoslovakia’s fate was decided at a meeting between Chamberlain and Hitler. The international community at the time also legitimized that shameful agreement which ultimately prepared the ground for the Holocaust. Dreyfus, the Jew, was falsely accused of treason. The Paris gathering is likewise an occasion for accusing and condemning the Jewish State. Many of its participants are countries which do not recognize Israel and have appalling human rights records. None of this seems to faze NZ politicians. The end result will be yet another reason why Abbas and the PA will avoid accepting the validity of the Jewish People’s ties to their Land.

NEW YORK: Like a blot on the landscape the headquarters of the corrupt United Nations continues to pollute the international atmosphere. From its multitude of councils, assemblies and committees it pours forth on a daily basis an endless stream of anti Israel resolutions. Together with associated groups in Geneva the assembled nations work tirelessly to condemn the only genuine democracy in the Middle East. Enthusiastically supported by countries which include the most flagrant abusers of human rights, they are given a free pass by diplomats representing the rapidly diminishing moral minority. Just as the League of Nations signed its own death warrant by failing to stand up to the terrorism of Nazism and Fascism and preferred instead to throw small democracies to the wolves, today’s UN hypocrites are marching down the same deadly path. New Zealand to its shame has enthusiastically joined the hate chorus orchestrated out of the UN in New York and elsewhere.

RAMALLAH & GAZA: These two locations are hubs for planning and launching of terror against Israelis. The “moderate” PA which incorporates Hamas is the recipient of vast foreign aid which inevitably is diverted for purposes other than improving the lives of its citizens. Building terror tunnels, rockets and paying pensions and salaries to terrorists and their families are only one part of how your tax money is being utilized. Inculcating hate and incitement against Israel & Jews and lauding those who carry out murderous attacks are daily events, all of which are ignored and not dealt seriously with by the UN. Abbas is about to have his third meeting with the Pope and having previously been described as “an angel of peace” it shouldn’t be too long before he is raised to sainthood.

Here by courtesy of PMW is just the latest example of the vile incitement emanating from Ramallah and Gaza: http://www.palwatch.org/main.aspx?fi=157&doc_id=19824

Faced with this overwhelming evidence how can any sensible person demand that Israel cede Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to those whose sole objective is the elimination of Israel? How can the promotion and support of terror be rewarded by the handing over of territory which legally has never belonged to those demanding it? How can the NZ Foreign Minister in the face of this overwhelming evidence still refuse to classify the murder of Israelis as terror?

The seventy nations gathered in Paris have a stated aim of brokering peace. How can they even think of demanding Israel commit national suicide when faced with such facts?

King David, who today is no doubt classified by the UN as an illegal and illegitimate settler and who established Jerusalem as the national Capital of a Jewish Kingdom, was prophetic when he composed the Psalms and stated:

“They have said: Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more remembered. For they have consulted together with one aim; against Thee do they make a covenant.”

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