For over seventy years the delusionary myths about Israel and Jews manufactured by Arab political and religious leaders have led them from one disaster to another…writes Michael Kuttner.Unfortunately instead of the international community injecting a sense of realism they have preferred to turn a blind eye. This has resulted in the delusions multiplying and becoming permanently embedded as part of the diplomatic discourse.

In 1922 the international community granted the Jewish People the legal right to closely settle the whole of Palestine which included all territory up to the Jordan River. At the same time they permitted the British to divide what had originally been intended to be part of Palestine and create what is today called Jordan. For all intents and purposes this is the much touted Arab Palestinian State. However in the first of subsequent numerous attempts to deny the Jews any sort of country of their own the Arabs commenced a series of violent pogroms and campaigns of terror.

From that moment until this very day not only did those opposing the notion of any Jewish presence launch terrorist acts of murder and mayhem they also wove a web of lies and myths designed to rewrite history. This has created a situation whereby Jews would be denied any presence in the very places which have seen a sovereign Jewish presence for over three thousand years. Those waging this war expected the international community to either renege on their previous legally binding commitments or to turn a blind eye to the efforts being undertaken to scuttle its fulfillment.

Prior to World War 2 this indeed eventuated with the British Mandate authorities closing the gates of Palestine to Jews fleeing Europe and appeasing Arab demands to ban Jewish settlement. It was only the horrors of the Holocaust and the throwing in the towel by the British who gave up the Mandate which compelled the UN to propose yet another partition of an already partitioned territory. The fact that the Jews accepted and the Arabs rejected the plan to create a Jewish and Arab State is conveniently ignored these days. Once Israel was declared independent it was immediately invaded by neighbouring Arab forces with the aim of completely annihilating it and murdering its Jewish citizens. This was only the first of subsequent attempts to destroy the Jewish State.

It is vitally important to remember these facts because they have a critical bearing on what we face today. The UN, EU and other self appointed experts do not want to be reminded because in most cases they have been mesmerized by revisionist versions of history. Although we have peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan and recognized borders with them the fragility of these two countries and the pervasive atmosphere of toxic anti Jewish feelings makes the future extremely unsure and shaky. Elsewhere in the Arab world and in Iran the desire to destroy us remains alive and well.

Bearing all this in mind I believe it is about time to spell out clearly and succinctly some inconvenient (for many) facts which may not be politically correct but which nevertheless need to be stated.

The two State solution is in effect a four State plan. As well as an indefensible Israel, implementation would create a terror Arab State whose territory would threaten our airport, coastal plain, water aquifers and Capital, plus Hamastan in Gaza and Jordan. In one stroke you would have three Palestinian Arab States not one as Obama/Kerry & McCully would have you believe. Over 70% of Jordan’s population are Palestinian Arabs with no rights so here you have the de facto Palestinian State already in place.

Judea and Samaria (the misnamed West Bank) are legally part of Israel. It never constituted any sort of independent Palestinian Arab State and was illegally occupied by Jordan until 1967. The current Ramallah claimants have no legal claim whatsoever. The fact that the UN and other suspects have fallen for this charade merely testifies to their mendacious feelings about the Jewish State and an irresistible urge to appease Arab and Moslem delusions. The declarations denying a Jewish connection to Jerusalem and its Jewish holy sites is just another example of how truth can be prostituted. The denial of a valid Jewish presence today in places which have been part and parcel of our history is all a symptom of the hypocrisy and sickness afflicting the international community.

Given these realities it is plainly ludicrous to acquiesce to a suicide pact as touted by international and local illusionists. What about those Arabs in Judea & Samaria currently living outside the corrupt control of the PA? Many of them have already migrated elsewhere seeking better economic prospects and others are also planning to do so. Those who remain must be given the opportunity of a better future. This means financially assisting them to also relocate, whether it is to the Palestinian State of Jordan, the current areas under PA control or other destinations. Most of them identify as Palestinian Arabs therefore their loyalty is plainly not to the Jewish State. A humanitarian solution to this problem must somehow be found. It clearly cannot be solved by making sworn enemies citizens of Israel.

Unfortunately those touting the two State solution do not want to acknowledge that poisoned minds fed by years of hate against Jews, doom such a proposal from ever succeeding. As we witness the wholesale slaughter of Sunnis and Shiites by each other in Arab countries how can any sensible person believe that a peace loving, liberal democratic Arab State in our midst is anything but a fantasy?

From Paris & Wellington to the Vatican and all points in-between we hear the same chorus. There is however a light of reality dawning on the horizon. The principal leaders of this unending symphony are leaving and others will have their expiry date activated this year. A new Pharaoh is arising in Washington who hopefully recognizes that the dead end policies of the past are leading to nowhere but catastrophe. He has already upset the EU and others who have a fixation with telling Jews where they can build homes. The very prospect of shifting the US Embassy to Jerusalem has provoked a frenzy of threats which are indicative of exactly why current hallucinations must not be further fostered.

Time will tell if the Trump Administration can finally grasp the nettle and deal effectively with such terror tactics. Appeasement has failed. Now is the time to show some backbone and stand by friends rather than stabbing them in the back.

Jeanne Kirkpatrick who was the US Ambassador to the United Nations from 1981 to 1985 summed it up best when she stated the following:

“The long march thru the UN has produced many benefits for the PLO. It has created a people where there was none; an issue where there was none; a claim where there was none; now the PLO is seeking to create a State where there is already one.”

Paris helps to fuel Palestinian Arab delusions


  1. An excellent article. It is a pity that there are still so many delusional libtards right here in Israel, funded by Eurabia, who work tirelessly to rob this nation of the meager property left by the devious Brits.

  2. It all comes down to mind-set or attitude. Since Independence Israel’s stated policy is overwhelming a desire for Peace and more than a willingness to sit down with our neighbors to make this happen. We have prepared our people since the beginning of Our desire for Peace and have taught Our kid a curriculum based upon one day that we will achieve this Peace.
    Oslo 1992 was dramatic and agreed to by both Israel and the PLO. What has the PLO/PA done towards gearing her people for Day 1 of an eventual Peace? Abu Abbas, in Arabic to Arabs living both within the administration of the PA and Israeli Arabs, Al Aksais under attack defend Our Palestine, Kill using a gun, a knife, a car, a tool, smash the head of the Israeli on a curb. The PLO/Hamas vilifies not just Israelis but Jews Worldwide, using all the negative historical lies found in the Protocols of Elders of Zion or Mein Kamp(very popular in the ME) the use TV for children’s cartoons, programs, adult shows. Prayers, by Imams Invoking passages from the Quran or Hadith calling for the death of Jews or that we are monkeys. Teaching kids 5 years old up how to kill Israelis in summer camp. This is how the PA/Hamas has prepared the 1992 babies for Peace so, we lost another whole generation committed to terror, murder and war. This means we have a long way to go until a Peace Treaty that will hold can be entered into with the PA or Hamas or both. Has Meahaal or Abbas announced reality what negotiations are and that Israel as a Jewish State is here forever without conditions in Arabic on radio TV and newspapers? They’ll never agree to do this


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