Dear friends,

It has been, incredibly, some nine days since I’ve last posted. But now I can share with all of you the reason I have been occupied:

I proudly introduce here a one-of-a- kind video produced by the Legal Grounds Campaign, co-chaired by Jeff Daube and myself: “All About the Facts.”

The Latma team has created a song for the video: A biting parody that is laugh-out-loud funny. In English with Hebrew subtitles.

While we expect this to appeal to young people who are ignorant about Israel’s realities or have been misled by false information, we believe you, too, will be delighted by it.

Additionally, we have designed a short website that viewers will be able to connect to after seeing the video; it provides basic facts about Israel’s rights in the land.

Please! see the video. Then share it with your contacts and ask them to do the same.

Provide your contacts with this link to the video directly on our website. This is for use with emails, websites, blogs and discussion groups.

If you share information by Facebook, it is important to use the link that follows. If your contacts will use Facebook, ask them to use this.

Thanks so much and enjoy!


When I catch my breath, I hope to return to regular posts.

From Israel: video – ALL ABOUT THE FACTS!