Dear Department for International Development,

This report claims that UNRWA funded text books make comments that are blatantly anti-semitic:

The study also points out that the concept of violent liberation is further intensified in the books published in 2016, as they now include, for the first time in the history of the PA curriculum, a reference to the fate of the 6 million Jews living in the country after its supposed liberation. According to the texts, they will endure expulsion from the land and the “extermination of its defeated and scattered remnants.”


Does the government accept that the report is accurate?

Does the government check the content of the school text books it pays for?

What steps have been taken to ensure UK taxpayer funding does not provide this material?

What is the current UK contribution to UNRWA?

What steps will the government be taking to ensure this scandal ends?

Yours faithfully,

John Davidson