The hypocrisy of this “piling on,” this turning on Harvey Weinstein by former friends and others, is despicable. What is he guilty of in an age when anything goes?

“Anything does NOT go!” critics of poor Harvey will angrily object. “Anything goes so long as it does not harm anybody!”

And I say, that this is an unenlightened attitude. It gives the right to some people to curtail the pleasure of others. Who is Gwyneth Paltrow or any of these women to deny Harvey his pleasure? How cruel and selfish of these women to resist. Nobody died from his need for instant gratification.

We live in a post-sexual revolution era of sexual abandon and it is not right to deny the right to pleasure for such as Mr. Weinstein. “Different strokes for different folks.” This double standard will not do.

Take, for example, an excerpt from the International New York Times, October 11, the day after the world went crazy criticizing poor Harvey. The very same day that we read reports of him being victimized by all this piling on, the Newspaper of Record also ran a laudatory piece on Sarah Silverman’s new TV program. The Times writer called her, “One of the greatest stand-up comics of her generation,” and at one turning point in her career,

“Ms. Silverman eventually pushed past that [old] attitude by telling jokes about sex and dating whose innocent affect belied what she was really saying. Mr. Seder, who dated her in the early 1990s, recalls traveling to New Hampshire with her to perform a benefit given by her mother. On stage, Ms. Silverman told a story about how in the middle of licking jelly off her boyfriend’s penis, she realized, ‘Oh my god, I’m turning into my mother.’ I couldn’t believe she did that joke, not just in front of her mother, but her entire world,’ Mr. Seder said. But they laughed.”

We live in an age when this is acceptable journalism in the once dignified New York Times.

We live in a society wallowing in sexual abandon, an age in which not only Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein is exposed as a repulsive human being. His whole industry cranks out movies in which — or so it seems — every second sentence of dialogue now contains the same word in any of its several forms: f–k, f–ker, mother-f–ker, f–king, f–ked up. This is now normal dialogue in cop shows, sitcoms, lawyer shows on cable TV and in movie theater release.

We live in a society that literally, via its “gay pride” parades, celebrates the very sodomy that Judeo-Christian civilization has rejected for thousands of years. What could be more normal than a yearly parade of men wearing bras and panties prancing down Fifth Avenue?

We inhabit cyberspace and read news and other information on webpages adorned with advertising featuring girls in bikinis, which garments are nothing but a bra and panties made of heavier fabric.

In bus and train stations, we commute to and from work past newsstands draped in magazines on all kinds of subjects but typically, regardless of content, feature covers with girls in bikinis too, or busting out of their tank tops. We live in a culture when the mainstream, annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition would have been judged pornographic a generation ago.

One day a year as a nation we watch the most-watched program on TV, the Super Bowl, a national, entertainment whose halftime show for the millions of families sitting together in their living rooms is Beyonce in her skimpy showgirl outfit bumping and grinding in gyrations fit for a Las Vegas strip club.

We live in an America in which the United States Supreme Court equated a man and a woman creating babies via the normal, mammalian practice of transferring his seed to her womb–and therefore the need for a legal/moral framework–marriage–obligating the couple to care for the human being they often create–with two men pretending that one is “the wife,” both of them spilling their seed in mutual sodomy, masturbation and fellatio.

We live in an America that in the deranged 1960s invented chemicals and instruments that shattered age-old standards of moral restraint — the “Pill,” the foam, the IUD – as the Supreme Court legalized, intrauterine infanticide a.k.a. abortion, which often has meant destroying the human life created after a wanton night of pleasure, a kind of merciless birth control after the fact. Over the last Biblical generation of forty years, otherwise civilized Western societies have destroyed scores of millions of human fetuses in the womb.

Birth control also indirectly gave birth to “gay liberation.” From time immemorial, homosexual behavior was judged hedonism, i.e. enjoying the pleasure of procreation but in fact spilling one’s seed in a kind of embezzlement of it from the Creator Who commanded, “Be fruitful and multiply” and, as an inducement, made that a pleasurable activity. Versus sodomy, which is enjoying the pleasure but not the making of babies. After the birth of “the Pill,” the gays said, “Now you are just like us and can no longer reject us for separating pleasure from procreation.”

Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Wiener, Roger Ailes, Bill Clinton. We live in a time when the 42nd President of the United States was exposed as having engaged in acts of sexual perversion in the Oval Office who was not only allowed to remain in office but after leaving the White House shamelessly still appears in public to great acclaim. Indeed, he and his wife, allegedly his accomplice after the fact in serial rapes, represent those who voted for her last November. In their idolatrous community–half the electorate–Bill and Hill are above reproach.

So, yeah, Harvey Weinstein is a scumbag. But the piling on, especially by the Clintons and other former friends now attacking him leaves one slack-jawed in amazement. If there was a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, this is it.

“Different strokes for different folks.” In our post-modern, antinomian, corrupt, impossibly vulgar, immoral culture, assailed by pornographic stimulation everywhere, being a sexual predator is just Harvey’s way of getting his rocks off. So have a little sympathy for the guy. They say half of the Internet traffic is pornography.


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