This ancient Chinese blessing or curse is certainly applicable in this part of the world where there are definitely no dull moments.

At 8pm. prime time on Monday 30 April, I suspect a large proportion of Israeli citizens were glued to their television sets, computers, tablets or smart phones awaiting an address to the nation by the Prime Minister. Speculation was rife as to the topic of this speech and ranged from the recent mysterious seismic explosions in Syria which allegedly destroyed large quantities of missiles supplied by Iran to perhaps another political scandal of some sort.

Nobody could have guessed what was ultimately revealed. Speaking in English for a worldwide audience the PM unveiled a stunning operation by Israel in which enormous amounts of incriminating files and CD’s concerning nuclear ambitions were removed from storage in an Iranian facility and spirited to Israel. Needless to say no operational details were revealed as to how such a treasure trove of top-secret material was able to be lifted undetected and then clandestinely transported all the way to Israel. Speculation is rife and no doubt one day in the future a movie will be made. In the meantime we can only marvel once again at the prowess of the Mossad and all those involved in carrying out an operation worthy of a James Bond episode.

The information gleaned confirms what all those opposed to the Obama/Kerry sponsored “deal” suspected. Iran has cheated all along and continues to pull the wool over the international community. No doubt there are plenty of additional revelations which must remain secret but will be shown to intelligence agencies of other countries. The problem however remains that for the vast majority the proof provided of Iran’s ultimate desire to produce nuclear bombs and harness them to long-range missiles will be dismissed. Regardless of the fact that Iran almost on a daily basis declares that Israel’s demise is only a matter of time and proof that it is working towards such an outcome, those who do not want to be confused by any facts will close their eyes, remain deaf and blind to any evidence and dismiss this latest Israeli coup as merely “public relations” hot air and hysterical hype.

Some of the “experts” already interviewed by news channels renowned for their inherent bias have already trotted out these claims. Will Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and others now support the USA in calling Iran’s bluff? Don’t hold your breath. Unless a miracle of Biblical proportions occurs none of Europe’s leaders will summon up the moral courage to confront this modern-day version of Hitler’s true and tried technique of lies, broken promises and worthless guarantees. The sneering already emanating from some European Capitals attests to the intense frustration felt by those cheer leaders whose policies are laying the groundwork for further Iranian escapades.

As for Obama/Kerry and their myriad of followers you cannot expect any sort of apology or contrition for the mess they concocted. These astronauts will maintain until eternity that by kicking the can down the track and ignoring all violations combined with throwing billions of dollars into the coffers of the Islamic Republic, peace and brotherhood has been achieved. Neville Chamberlain to his credit at the end of his life admitted that he had been duped and lied to. No such admission will ever be forthcoming from those who advocate that Israel be boycotted and punished for exposing the poisonous and nefarious ambitions of the Iranian leadership and its willing advocates.

As for the leaders of Russia and China, they, like the Europeans have so much invested in money-making deals with the Ayatollahs that any sort of moral considerations simply do not feature. If they can pretend at the UN that Syria is a champion of human rights and that gassing people is just a myth concocted by others then why should these champions of human rights worry about their ally plotting to wipe out the world’s only Jewish State?

While the Iranian heist is hogging the headlines a couple of other matters deserve to be highlighted because they are symptomatic of the chronic malaise afflicting the media and politicians alike.

Much fuss is being made over the fact that the PLO executive committee is about to “elect” a new slate of members. In the overall scheme of things this is not exactly a world shattering moment. What is important however was the speech given by Abbas at this gathering in which he recycled the same discredited and worn out claims he has made in previous speeches. Dismissing any Jewish connection to Israel and accusing Jews of conniving in their own holocaust is standard fare but this time he went one better.

The Holocaust was not the result of anti-Semitism but rather of the Jews “social behavior,  [charging] interest, and financial matters.”

 I guarantee that this example of ignorant hate will not be reported in your local media. Reporting it would destroy the myth of a peace partner keen and eager to accept the reality of a legitimate Jewish presence here and that of course goes against every politically correct dogma which has been repeated ad nauseam over seventy years.

While the world obsesses over Gaza casualties as a result of fake “peaceful” demonstrations, silence reigns over far more lethal events involving Arab refugees.

It is reported that of the estimated 438,000 Palestinian Arab refugees remaining inside Syria, more than 95% (418,000) are in critical need of sustained humanitarian assistance. Almost 254,000 are internally displaced, and an estimated 56,600 are trapped in hard-to-reach or wholly inaccessible locations. The Syrian regime and its allies have dropped dynamite barrel bombs on houses and hospitals in the refugee camp causing death and injuries.

Has this been reported locally and have the usual protesters taken to your streets in outrage? Bear this in mind when the next blasts of condemnations descend on Israel.

As predicted the month of May promises to be full of action. It certainly has started off with a flourish.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.