As per the pre-determined script designed for media and gullible politicians alike, Jerusalem Day and shifting the US Embassy to the Capital produced the desired results…writes Michael Kuttner.

Combined with the annual frenzy associated with “nakba” (catastrophe) ceremonies mourning the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty the scenes of mayhem beamed all around the world guaranteed prime time viewing. Preparations for these orchestrated weeks of rage started quite some time ago and were carefully planned to coincide with celebrations scheduled by Israel.

The PA, PLO, Hamas and other fellow travellers know for a certainty that the more outrageous and spectacular their actions may be the better the ratings will be. They realise from past experience over many years that the media loves a show and the gorier or more lethal it is, preferably involving women, children and babies, the wider exposure they will achieve. Truth and facts are irrelevant to both the terrorist incited rioters and a media generally panting for action shots portraying Israelis as the villains and the Arabs as innocent, helpless victims. This combination is a recipe for mass deception on a massive scale and so it has proven once again.

The first myth to demolish is that these “spontaneous” demonstrations of rage occurred because President Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem. This is merely a convenient excuse because preparations for this mass display of crowd manipulation took place a long time ago. Generations inculcated by a poisonous ideology which denies any Jewish legitimacy and falsifies history are easy prey for those Arab leaders who know how to stir up riots. As far back as the 1920’s false libels accusing Jews of endangering the Temple Mount Mosque have been the catalyst for deadly pogroms. Similar lies and falsehoods concerning Jerusalem, Hebron and indeed any other places inhabited by Jews have been utilised to incite mobs in murderous rampages.

None of this started with 1948 or any other event since then. Each and every Arab terror act whether it was boycotts, arson, murder or ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries and eastern Jerusalem, Hebron can be traced back to one fundamental truth, namely a refusal to acknowledge a valid Jewish presence.

Of course none of the above resonates with those who still cannot reconcile themselves to an entirely different type of Jew now residing in their ancient homeland. Preferring the ancient stereotype image of Jews meekly accepting their fate at the hands of those who wish to murder them today’s Jew-haters now transfer their antipathy onto the Jewish State. When they fight back and refuse to lie down in the face of genocidal threats all hell breaks loose. How dare these Jews/Israelis retaliate and take steps to defend themselves?

For politicians, media and others who have swallowed the revisionist mantra which holds that only the mythical “Palestinians” are the indigenous inhabitants of this land no amount of historical facts will ever persuade them that they have been duped.

This brings us to the phenomenon of staged events designed for media consumption. Hamas, Abbas and others have discovered that nothing is more successful at grabbing world attention than scenes of mass hysteria, mobs with women and children at the front and, even better, scenes of gory technicolour casualties whether faked or real.

Never queried is the use of civilians in life endangering situations. Ignored is the deliberate abuse of children and babies who are thrust into the front line and behind whom adults can hide. Deliberately overlooked are blatant “Hollywood” acts whereby fake casualties are filmed and then once the cameras have gone the “dead” individuals miraculously rise and scamper off back into the crowd.

The term “peaceful”  demonstration has been twisted so far that it no longer bears any relationship to reality. Israel is accused of firing on “peaceful” protesters. If in fact these individuals had stood meters away from the border fence with placards and flowers, shouting slogans and singing “we will overcome” none of them would have suffered anything more serious than sunstroke, dehydration and sore throats. That, however, was never the agenda because by doing so the international community would have been deprived of the spectacle planned in advance. A few weeks ago the cat was let out of the bag when a Hamas spokesperson declared: there is no recognised international border with Gaza therefore we can breach the fence.”  Taking into account the fact that the Hamas Charter calls for the total elimination of Israel, terror tunnels are dug under the fence and rockets fired at Israeli communities, the notion that these demonstrations were going to be either spontaneous or peaceful was a work of fiction. Fiction, however, is the staple diet of international discourse these days when it comes to Israel.

Another problem is the inability of many to distinguish between fact and fiction. Those who are frothing at the moment over the events in Gaza and Jerusalem have in the main been seduced by the  deliberate distortions propagated by journalists and their employers intent on ignoring irrefutable facts. The days of rage orchestrated by Hamas and Abbas are designed purely and simply for their photographic impact. Combined with emotive and misleading headlines the disinformation does its deadly work. That is mission accomplished as far as the riot manipulators are concerned. They know that no amount of hard evidence showing real intentions will ever see the light of day. Hamas has now admitted that 80% of those killed were Hamas or associated terror groups members.

Jumping on the run away bandwagon of Israel-bashing are the usual purveyors of failed policies all parroting the same miserable mixture of meaningless slogans. This hypocritical parade of pathetic double standards is led by some fairly dubious representatives.

The aspiring sultan of a hoped for resurrected Ottoman Empire has the gall to lecture Israel on its alleged horrendous crimes. Expelling the Israeli Ambassador, recalling his own Ambassador and accusing Israel of horrendous genocide this latter-day champion of moral rectitude has gone ballistic. Someone should remind him that his country illegally occupies northern Cyprus, has never admitted responsibility for the Armenian genocide and massacres its Kurdish population.

The South African Government presides over a failing water infrastructure, soaring murderous crime and has itself been responsible for the massacre of over 30 peacefully striking miners. Faithfully cozying up to terrorist groups such as Hamas and condemning Israel gives meaning to the saying “birds of a feather flock together.”

The religious period of Ramadan has started. This is supposed to be a time of prayer and reflection, fasting and contemplation. Too often however it has been a time when jihadist violence reaches a peak with mobs incited to rage and riot. Once again we face the prospect that this holy period will be hijacked and used to inflame the passions of hate-filled mobs. Islamic leaders are stirring the pot and are directly responsible for any outrages which inevitably will occur. Abbas described the US Embassy as a settlement outpost on occupied territory. With this nod, nudge and wink he has lit a fuse which will result in further mayhem. The following media release has just been issued: The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces Committee has called on residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza to confront “Israeli occupation forces” with violent demonstrations this Friday.

The riots are scheduled to take place immediately after Friday prayers. The Muslim month of Ramadan began Wednesday night.

The PNIF committee declared this coming Friday the “Friday of Loyalty to Martyrs”.

Spontaneous? Peaceful? According to groups funded by the New Israel Fund the answer is yes. Is there no limit to idiocy and self delusion?

All these expressions of “love” fall into a black hole as far as the media and most of the international community are concerned. A quote by Thomas Paine sums up their closed minds: “to argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”  

At this time we must stand firm, defend ourselves and ensure that never again will Jews be soft targets. Those days are gone. You don’t like the fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital? You hate the fact that Israel refuses to be an eternal scapegoat?

Too bad – get over it.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.