UNRWA is a UN-agency created to support so called palestinian refugees. It is a strange agency due to the fact the it recognizes the right for palestinians to inherit refugee status. No other refugees in the world can inherit their refugee status. All other refugees in the world are supported by another UN-agency, UNHCR.

UNRWA receives millions of Swedish taxpayers money annually. But to what purposes are the money really used?

UNRWA is, i. a., running schools. It is well known that such schools have been used by Hamas to store arms. Hamas is an antisemitic terror organisation whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel. It is also known that teachers in UNRWA schools venerates Hitler, calls for the murder of Jews and glorifies knife attacs. Read more here.

UNRWA school books also contain antisemitism. Here are a few examples (Source.):

Fourth grade: “I think that the Jews are the enemies of the Prophet and the believers. Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and one should beware of them.

Fifth grade: “The final and inexorable outcome shall be the victory of the Muslims over the Jews”.

Sixth grade: “[The student] must learn about the conspiracies of the Jews against the Prophets of Allah”.

Seventh grade: “[The student] must wish to become one of Allah’s Martyrs”.

Here are two films where you clearly can see what the pupils have learnt and are learning:


In spite of this the Swedish deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin (MP) on February 24 this year told the Swedish Parliament, that

UNRWA education in its schools, attended by about 500 000 children, is especially directed toward issues on human rights, tolerance and peaceful conflict management.

But as you can see this statement seem to be very inaccurate. A few years ago, Al Hayat al-Jadida, a propaganda instrument of the Palestine Authority (PA), reported:

The Education Ministry of the deposed Hamas government announced yesterday [Feb. 13, 2014] that it has reached an agreement with UNRWA to suspend teaching human rights as a subject in the agency’s schools in Gaza because [the curriculum] contains dangerous inaccuracies that are detrimental to the Palestinian cause and to Palestinian and Islamic culture.

Still, Isabella Lövin finish her statement by writing that:

The [Swedish] Government is … fully confident that UNRWA and its staff can fulfill their important mandate, and see no reason to question the impartiality of UNRWA.

This she says in spite of UNRWA in Gaza being totally controlled by the terror organisation Hamas, in spite of  the fact that UNRWA, contrary to the belief of Swedish Government, have suspended the education in human rights and is instead teaching antisemitism, teaching to hate the Jews.

We want Sweden to stop funding and supporting UNRWA until it abandon its hate of Jews and until UNRWA schools start teaching the children human rights with the aim of living in peace with the Jews and with Israel.

Please sign this petition if you agree! We intend to hand in the petition and the list of signatures to the Swedish Government.