Ali Khamenei’s promise to Hamas: “You will soon witness the formation of a Palestinian State in Israel.”

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has issued a proclamation to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority (Hamas)-which was read in the Iranian Parliament’s Permanent Secretariat of Support for Hamas-and promised Hamas and the Palestinians that with the Islamic Republic’s support they will soon overcome the Israeli government and return to their motherland.

On Monday July 23rd, 2018, Khamenei who has repeatedly counted Iran as a key supporter and founder of Palestinian terrorist groups, continued to reiterate his hostile statements and actions towards Israel and stressed the continuing support of the Iranian regime from Hamas saying: “Judaization of Palestine is a dream that the Zionists have seen and will never happen.” He continued: “With 70 years of continuous struggle and support from Iran, the Palestinian people will soon return to their motherland and the world will witness the formation of an independent Palestinian State in the Occupied Territories (Israel).

He considers himself in the position of making decisions for Israel and recently has stated in his Twitter account: “Jerusalem will never be given to Israel and this dream that Jerusalem will be given to Zionists will never come true. We will continue to support Hamas and will never allow this to happen.”

It is worth mentioning that the interventionist statements of the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime that was also read in the Iranian Parliament’s Permanent Secretariat of Support for the Palestinian Intifada, and this secretariat has released a statement condemning the recent nation-state law passed by the Israeli Knesset according to which Israel is now officially a Jewish State and Arabic is no longer an official language and Hebrew is the only recognized official language.

“It should be noted that according to the new resolution passed by the Israeli Parliament which is, in fact, a modified version of the “Law of Nation” act and 62 out of 120 Member Knessets have voted in favor of it, Israel is now defined as the “National State of the Jewish People”.

The above statement that was issued by this secretariat that supports Hamas and Palestinians continues: “The Islamic Republic strongly condemns this racist law that forms a Jewish State that was ratified by the Israeli Parliament. Because it is contrary to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to return and determine their own fate and Israel will eventually have to abolish it.

Ali Khamenei’s claims and the Iranian Parliament’s Permanent Secretariat of Support for the Palestinians’ statement are more like a dream, and the other hand, political experts and Iranian government officials and Hamas leaders have held a conference in Tehran and Gaza and called for more solutions to continue the Palestinians’ conflict with Israel to seize territory which Palestinians refer to as “their right” and “right to return to motherland”.

Participants of this conference including “Ismail Rezwan” a leader on Hamas, “Ismail Haniyeh” senior political leader of Hamas, Yahoo Sanwar a Hamas leader in Gaza and “Khaled Al-Batsh” Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader, expressed the need to continue the demonstrations against Israel and it was announced: “The Palestinian people will not leave the conflict with Israel until the recapture of their right to return and the demonstrations for return will not stop until the goals are achieved.”

Gholam Hossein Gehab Parvar, head of the Basij organization in the Islamic Republic emphasized that the Islamic Republic’s support for terrorist and hostile movements in Gaza continues and claimed: “There are such clear and promising horizons in front of the Ummah of Islam today. Like Yemen, which was supposed to surrender in a few weeks but under the shadow of Islam the people of Yemen are still standing and today in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon the resistant movement is stronger and that’s why we say there are clear horizons ahead of us and the Palestinians.”

Gheyb Parvar also said: “The problem with Israel is that they still don’t know Islam.” And continued: “The more they threaten us, the more we fight back and this is our Islamic revolution being exported in the region.”

“Jamil Mazhar”, a member of the PFLP who also spoke at the conference, said: “The Palestinian resistant groups continue to defend the principals and aspirations of the Palestinian people against Israel and are not afraid of lists of terrorism.”

All the recent statements by the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime, the statement by the Iranian Parliament’s Permanent Secretariat of Support for the Palestinians, the conferences of Basij and Hamas in Tehran and Gaza, and the statements by the head of Islamic Republic’s Basij have not only confirmed the Islamic Republic’s effort in creating tension in the region and continuing hostile policies against Israel and full support of all terrorist activities of Palestinians in Gaza, it also indicates that with cooperation with Hamas, there’s a bigger plot against Israel and this should raise alarms about the existence of a dangerous enemy in the region that will do whatever they can in order to achieve their goals, even if it costs millions of innocent lives to be sacrificed for this terrorist ideology of the regime.