During a phone call on July 30th, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, praised a Palestinian terrorist who had attacked an Israeli soldier. He added: “Turkey has always been a supporter of the Palestinians and will continue to protect them from the Israeli government.”

During this call, Turkish President also talked to Ahed Al-Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was arrested and imprisoned for 8 months and was recently released. Erdogan told her: “I admire your courage and I am happy that you are released.”

Turkish news agency, Anatoli, published Raceb Tayyip Erdogan’s conversation with Ahed Al-Tamimi and emphasized that the government of Turkey will continue to support the Palestinians attacking Israeli military and quoted him: “Turkey has always been a supporter of the Palestinian struggle and will continue to be.”

On the other side of this conversation, the Palestinian attacker thanked Erdogan and the government of Turkey and acknowledged that “Turkey has always been a supporter of Palestinian movements against the Israeli government and we appreciate it.”

Erdogan also referred to her eight-month prison term, which is an equal sentence for all citizens in relation to a similar crime, as a “sign of her courage and bravery.”

It should be noted that this 17-year-old Palestinian girl who was sentenced to eight months in prison for attacking an Israeli soldier is now “a symbol for other Palestinian attackers and terrorists” after her release. Only a few hours after her release, she participated in a conference in west “Ramallah” and emphasized on her continuous hostility towards the Israeli government and said: “People of Palestine will continue their fight with Israel until its destruction and annihilation.”

Erdogan made these comments while only six days ago on July 24th he called Israel “a terrorist and racist country” for defending its borders against Palestinian terrorists and said: “The spirit of Hitler is apparent in some Israeli officials.”

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, responded to Erdogan’s anti-Israel remarks and said: “Turkey has turned into a desperate dictatorship.”

In response to Erdogan’s claim, Netanyahu mentioned the Turkish government’s racist policies and crimes and said: “He kills Syrians and Kurds and has imprisoned tens of thousands of Turkish citizens. In fact, Turkey has turned into a desperate dictatorship under Erdogan’s ruling. But Israel has always provided and will continue to provide, all of its citizens with equal rights.”

Turkish President made those remarks about supporting the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli government while they continue to have diplomatic relations with Israel and their citizens benefit from freely entering Israel. On the other hand, by continuing Iran’s path, they support the enemies of Israel and thank the Palestinians, publicly and privately, for attacking the Israeli army. While encouraging them to continue their attacks on Israel.

This is what the Iranian government has been pursuing in their anti-Israel and anti-Zionist policies. The only difference is that the Iranian government boldly announces its hostility with Israel and its support for Palestinian terrorists. While the Turkish government wants to keep its diplomatic relations with Israel for its own benefit and on the other hand calls Israel a fascist and terrorist country.

When we look back at the history of the Turkish government in the past years, we find nothing but terrorism and fascism. Between 1915 and 1917 they have committed genocide against 1.5 million Armenians solely for their religion and ethnicity, and the shame will stay with them in the political and cultural history of the government of Turkey. And for years they have been killing Kurds who live in their homeland and Kurds in Syria for being of the Kurdish race. These actions of the Turkish government are proof of their fascist regime.

While making these remarks the Turkish government does not have mercy on its own citizens and every year hundreds of Turkish citizens are put in jail for criticizing the dictatorship system of Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the coup d’état that took place two years ago. They are put in prison only for protesting a dictatorship system that functions very similar to the dictatorship system in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Another point is that Erdogan’s anti-Israel policy is not only in the area of supporting the Palestinians terrorist against Israel, but also those who support Israel and work with Israeli companies are being threatened and treated against human rights laws, they are arrested and interrogated. To threaten to deport an Iranian political refugee and journalist in July 2017 for working for an Israeli news agency is a sign of anti-Israel policies of Erdogan’s government.

In the course of its 40-year rule over Iran, the Islamic Republic has taken many lives and imprisoned many others while violating their basic human rights on a daily basis. And has supported terrorist organizations in the Middle East and admitted their hostility towards Israel for their own interest.

But the question is that why the Turkish government maintains its diplomatic relations with Israel for their own interest while supporting Israel’s enemies like Palestinian terrorists?

Is it not a confirmation that they are implementing anti-Israel policies outlined by the authorities in the Iranian regime in relation to their hostility towards Israel and Zionism?

Or to keep close bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey to create an Islamic, anti-Semitic ideology that leads to a united Islamic State in the region?