Following the recent clashes between Hamas in Gaza with the Israeli army, the Islamic Republic has not only dispatched large amounts of arms, financial support and operative forces for the Palestinians: The Iranans they have also sent over 37 Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Rangers who were were transferred by the Iranian Navy to Israel’s borders.

According to a report from Iran, the Government of the Islamic Republic has sent 37 IRGC Rangers, who had recently returned from Syria, through water routes between Israel and its Arab neighbors who are allies with Iran, in north and southwest, to plan combat operations.

These rangers belong to “Al-Mahdi” brigade, one of the IRGC battalions in Syria, with experience in planning operations in Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan. Ordered by the Iranian authorities to support terrorist groups, they are sent to infiltrate Israel’s borders.

According to a senior navy commander in Iran, “These IRGC rangers are instructed to enter Haifa from the north and the Gaza Strip from southwest”.

The Islamic Republic calls these forces, “military advisors” and they seek to defend Islam. bolster Iran’s military presence in Syria and interfere in the civil war,which has intensified the clashes and killed thousands of innocent people.

According to this naval officer’s information, “the deployment of these forces to Gaza is due to the fact that the Palestinians are very weak and disorganized in planning combat operations against Israel, but the IRGC rangers are specially trained to plan operations in Syria and Iraq so they can aid the Palestinians’ conflict with Israel.

According to this report, these forces have been sent along with large amounts of arms and weapons which like the previous projects of the Islamic Republic in sending arms to support terrorist groups of Hamas and other allies in the region is because of their struggle with Israel.

In this regard and according to the source, the weapons are sent to the Palestinians and terrorist organizations by Iran in the following ways:

1- Military forces and arms leave Iran in containers from Abbas, Shahid Rajaee and Jask ports and then are transferred into the Iranian military or commercial ships or tankers called “Om Al-Salaleh”, in Oman and near the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden near the Yemeni border,and they later are transported on the ground from Egypt into Gaza.

These weapons, as well as military forces, will stay in the port for about a week,and then according to the plan presented by the regime, they are transferred into Iranian commercial ships and after a few days they are transferred in non-Iranian ships and are sent to neighboring countries. Finally, they arrive in Gaza through ground transportation adjacent to Israel.

2- The transfer of Iran’s weapons and military forces to Gaza and areas under control of the Palestinian Authority are also through Lebanon.

Cargo ships by “Mahan Air” are transferred through the air to Iraq and Syria, then sent to Lebanon and then to Israel.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian regime, because of the fear of the defense system and radars near the Israeli border, brings the foreign ships that are purchased by Lebanese affiliated with IRGC to Israeli waters. Because Iranian ships’ presence near the Israeli water border has high risks for the Islamic Republic.

According to this senior Iranian navy officer, 90% of these weapons are sent to Gaza and the areas under control of the Palestinian Authority through water and ground borders of Lebanon. In the past ten years, about 55 cruisers have been sent to the area.

In addition. after the implementation of US sanctions, the Iranian naval fleet’s presence in Djibouti and Somalia has faced problems, so the Iranian fleet’s presence in the Red Sea is more justifiable.

The Iranian naval forces andit fleet can easily access the Suez Canal and Port Said in Ismailia through this route and enter the Mediterranean sea, which will lead to water borders near Gaza.

These fleets are being deployed into Syrian, Lebanon and Turkey and the containers are sent to Israel through neighboring countries that cooperate.

It should be noted that the weapons that are sent include Fateh, Misagh and Tav Missiles, DShK, RPG, G3 and M16 rifles which have tactical use in battles.

It should be noted that the Iranian regime is using the Israeli techniques to train the rangers – the same techniques given to Iranians before the Islamic revolution… by Israel.