UNRWA says Twitter page hacked after post lauding ‘famed’ Palestinian terrorist

Following a tweet from the UN’s agency for Palestinian relief, UNRWA, lauding a “famed” Palestinian writer who also served as the spokesperson for a terror group in the 1970s, the UN agency blamed “brief, unauthorized access” to their Twitter account and deleted the Tweet in question after receiving protest from several watchdog groups.



UNRWA Tweets in Support of Infamous PFLP Terrorist; Blames It on “Unauthorized Access” to Twitter Account

In a rare move, UNRWA, the UN refugee agency for Palestinians that is largely funded by EU states, deleted a tweet after a watchdog group protested that the post glorified a man who served as spokesman of the PFLP terrorist group when it orchestrated the Lod Airport Massacre in 1972, killing 26 and injuring 80.