On November 5, 2018, Hamas’s senior official Ismail Radwan held a speech during a demonstration that accompanied the weekly mini-flotilla in the Gaza Strip. Radwan said in his speech that the “return marches” and the flotillas would be carried on until they achieve their goals, mainly the complete lifting of the “siege” on the Gaza Strip, the realization of the “right of return,” and the elimination of the “century deal” (of the United States). During his speech, Ismail Radwan called for supporting “our resistance and our Jerusalem” and threatened those who will not support it: “The land will spew them out, Allah will be fed up with them, and they will be burned in the fire (hell fire) along with the apes and pigs (a video uploaded to Ismail Radwan’s Facebook page, November 6, 2018). Note: In ArabIslamic anti-Semitism, the “apes and pigs” serve to refer to the Jews, who are portrayed as “inferior” animals in order to instigate hatred against them. It is not Ismail Radwan’s first anti-Semitic statement. In the past, he gave an anti-Semitic sermon calling on Muslims to kill Jews on Judgment Day.