This past week there was a relatively low level of violence at the “return march” (about 14,000 participants). The Gazan media reported that the demonstrators had been instructed to exercise restraint and discipline. In ITIC assessment that was because of the expected arrival of the third installment of money from Qatar for Gazan salaries. However, the Arabic media reported Hamas sent messages threatening Israel that if it did not meet its commitments to the lull (transferring funds, increasing the fishing boundaries, allowing materials to enter the Gaza Strip), Hamas would escalate the events on the ground.

This past week a stabbing attack was prevented near an IDF check post south of Nablus. The would-be stabber was shot and killed. In Judea and Samaria Palestinians continued throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

On February 3, 2019, an American law will go into effect making any recipient of American aid subject to the jurisdiction of its courts. Therefore, Mahmoud Abbas ordered a letter sent to the American administration stating the Palestinians would refuse security aid from the United States until a solution had been found.