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As this intelligence report confirms, riots have broken out in UNRWA camps in Gaza


Hamas and Israel Not Interested in New Gaza War for Now

Dr. Mandel speaks about Hamas and Israel's disinterest in a New Gaza War on i24 News' Crossroads on March 14, 2019. MEPIN Middle East Political and Information Network https://mepinanalysis.org/

Ben Shapiro: The real reason I was attacked on college campuses

For nearly all of human history, life has been nasty, brutish and short. In 1900, some 10 percent of all infants died before reaching their first birthday in the United States; in other countries,...

ICEJ Deplores UNHRC ‘Fixation’ With Condemning Israel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MONDAY, 18 MARCH 2019 The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem on Monday (18/03) denounced the United Nations Human Rights Council for its deplorable fixation on Israel as evidenced in today’s special session solely...