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Behind the smokescreeen ( Full movie )

The ultimate tool against Palestinian propaganda, Hamas use of international media, UN and media lies against Israel. Not all Palestinians are terrorists, but most terrorists are connected one way or another to the so-called...

First Priority: Removing Indoctrination Before Economics

The JERUSALEM POST OF MAY 29TH,2019 , titled “KUSHNER, GREENBLATT EXPECTED TO VISIT MIDDLE EAST THIS WEEK” reported that US Presidential envoys Kushner and Greenblatt are “expected to discuss only the economic component” of...

Israel Support Committee of Central NJ (ISC) Hosts ‘The UNRWA Reform Initiative’

The Israel Support Committee of Central NJ (ISC) hosted a special event with The Center for Near East Policy Research on March 24, 2019 - inviting experts to present their research for the 'UNRWA...