Ever since its establishment, Hezbollah has been constructing a Shiite “mini-state” among the Shiite community in Lebanon, which caters for the needs of Shiite inhabitants in all spheres of life. For this purpose, Hezbollah, with massive Iranian support, is engaged in establishing a civilian system, which operates alongside its military infrastructure. This civilian system is engaged in the spheres of education, culture, health, welfare, finance, sports, construction, agriculture, media, and more.

The social institutions which were established by Hezbollah over many years provide Shiite residents with a wide variety of services of the sort which is usually provided by the state, while taking advantage of the weakness of the Lebanese central government and the long-time neglect of the Shiite community (mainly in southern Lebanon). Hezbollah’s extensive civilian activity is designed to create among the Shiites in Lebanon a “resistance society” which believes in the ideology of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and is committed to supporting Hezbollah in its struggle against Israel.