For years Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been postponing many actions relating to Judea and Samaria as he waits for the perfect moment.

It is said that a near death experience can change a person’s perspective.

I daresay that the latest elections here could have a similar effect should Binyamin Netanyahu manage to form a ruling coalition.

We are at a critical juncture.

I will put is bluntly: will a coalition be formed to make history or engage in BS?

A new government could literally make history in the first minutes of its first official meeting by deciding to apply Israeli law to the area delineated on the map of the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea that Mr. Netanyahu revealed to the public towards the end of the election campaign.

In point of fact, there is a whole checklist of historic actions that a newly formed government could complete within its first working day.

Alternatively, a new government could freeze all initiatives until President Trump decides that his deal of the century is dead and buried – a move that would in all likelihood find us deep in the 2020 American election campaign.

And I frankly have a hard time imagining our engaging in dramatic initiatives in the middle of such a highly contested race.

So it comes down to this: will the newly elected MK’s from Moshe Ya’alon’s Telem and Avigdor Liberman set aside their bad blood with Binyamin Netanyahu to make history?

I fervently hope so.


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