• On September 7, 2019, the youth club of the village of Al-Eizariya (situated east of Jerusalem) held the annual ceremony of appreciation for high school and university graduates who are residents of the village.[1] The ceremony was held at Al-Eizariya Girls High School. Prominent figures attending the ceremony were the head of the Jerusalem Office in the PLO; chief of the PA General Intelligence in the Jerusalem District; the Fatah secretary in Al-Eizariya and his deputy; the mayor of Al-Eizariya, school principals, the students and their families. Although it was attended by high-ranking officials, this was a low-profile ceremony, downplaying the fact that it was held in memory of the perpetrator of the stabbing attack (in the ITIC’s assessment, out of caution).
  • Jamal Bassa Abu Hadid, Fatah secretary in Al-Eizariya, began his speech by noting that the ceremony was dedicated to the memory of the youth Naseem Abu Rumi, resident of Al-Eizariya, who, together with his friend, also a local resident, carried out a stabbing attack at the exit from the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem (Facebook page of Sami Abu Ghaliya, Fatah deputy secretary in Al-Eizariya, September 11, 2019). As in the past, a shahid killed while carrying out a terrorist attack was praised, this time in front of high school and university graduates.

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