Kever Shmuel Ha Navi (birthplace of the Kingdom of Judah)

From the roof of Samuel’s Tomb, with a panoramic view of the region, Professor Eran Inbar, President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, gives an overview of the security situation and some possible solutions. His presentation is focused and professional, peppered with ancetdotes from his experience as an IDF Paratrooper, and pithy references to astounding events that took place in the nearby valley, as related in the Bible (

JISS is wrongly styled as a ‘right wing’ think tank. It is more accurate to describe it as representative of the dominant political-industrial-academic-media mindset in Israel and America that works for a future where Jews will continue making enormous, (often blantantly anti-Semitic) financial and cultural ‘concessions’ so (they hope) that Muslims and other anti-Jews will not act on the principles of their ideologies.


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