The matter of Australia’s foreign aid to “Palestinian territories” and its misuse has been a priority advocacy issue for AJA.

Many of you will be aware that AJA was responsible for a campaign which led to Australia ceasing $10million in cash grants to the Palestinian Authority.

During the course of this year, AJA has raised the matter of Australia’s funding of UNRWA ($20million annually in recent years) in a dozen meetings with MPs and Senators. We provided evidence of UNRWA schools inciting hatred and glorifying terrorism.

So we were delighted to find in the budget papers that Australia is cutting UNRWA funding from $20million to $10million. (yes, we’d prefer zero but welcome all positive change)

AJA does not claim direct cause and effect from our advocacy, but we have clearly been the most vigorous in pursuing this issue in Canberra and we are told are efforts raised awareness and were influencial.