For 33 years, I have accompanied journalists to report from the scene of the action, to cover news stories, on location, in Israel.

Among these news stories: thorough coverage of the aftermath of some 200 Arab terror attacks, including the funerals, visits with the families of the terror victims, and visits with the families of the assailants.

This job has permitted a hands-on view of the PLO perspective – witnessing PLO praise of murder and PLO rewards for murderers, as well as reviewing new PLO school books which present killers as role models for children.

US democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promises that, if elected, he will reverse the decision of the US administration regarding the PLO mission to Washington, reopening and recognizing it, and reverse the administration’s decision to cut PLO funding.

Biden also promises to reverse the US administration’s decision to halt the funding of UNWRA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency), which adopted this PLO curriculum based on the “right of return by force of arms” to Arab villages which no longer exist.

To most Americans, the decision to fund or defund the PLO and UNRWA involves a distant technicality.

The point of view of a hands-on journalist is different.

In terms of the PLO and UNRWA, Joe Biden’s decision-making capacity in matters relating to policies concerning life and death are very much in question.