Australian Greens politician Adam Bandt MP wrote a letter to the Australian Jewish News a couple of weeks ago to whitewash the Greens anti-Israel policies. A year ago Bandt delivered a speech to the Australian parliament following his first trip to ‘Palestine’. I was particularly alarmed that what Bandt said about the water situation in the Palestine territories was replete with lies and misinformation. Consequently I invited a spokesperson for Israel’s Water Authority Uri Schor to be interviewed about Bandt’s remarks and he had no hesitation in exposing Adam Bandt’s misinformation.

Gili Meisler is the brother of Giora, the most talked about Israeli soldier of the Yom Kippur war, who disappeared “missing in action” and Gili has been searching for him and for himself ever since. In a special interview Gili, who is a protagonist for the Parents Circle Family Forum, allowed me to record his story and tell how it has had such a profound influence on him.

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