Harvard University’s Divinity School includes biographies of its faculty and fellows on its website.

The biography of  Rami Younis, who was a Religion, Conflict, and Peace Initiative Fellow in the 2019–⁠20 session, says, “He is one of the founders of the Palestinian activist group Khotweh, which was active on the issues of home demolitions and Palestinian identity in Lyd and Ramleh, mixed Jewish-Arab cities in occupied Palestine. 

Of course, Lod and Ramle are Israeli cities, well within the Green Line and not in the territories. This article on Harvard’s website is saying that all of Israel is illegitimate.

Younis also refers to “Palestinian member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi,” effectively saying that all Arab citizens of Israel are Palestinian – with the implication that all Jews in Israel are thieves.

No doubt Younis himself wrote his bio, and Harvard published it without any editing – because who would even think that an academic would use his biography to delegitimize an entire nation?

But Palestinians routinely use any and every means for anti-Israel propaganda.

And at this moment, Harvard is complicit in spreading lies.