We’ve warned about the risk of investments in Chinese shares on multiple occasions here in the Economic War Room®, we’ve talked about the Thrift Savings Plan, we’ve talked about how they’ve been accessing our markets and taking our capital. We’ve had Roger Robinson and Gordon Chang and Frank Gaffney and others including the Committee on the Present Danger, China.

Economic War Room patriots were part of stopping the Thrift Savings Plan from investing in China. We were pushing to stop American banks from participating in The Ant Group IPO because we didn’t think there was enough transparency or disclosure of material risk, and we were a part of pushing the Senate in that 100-0 vote to deregister and delist any Chinese shares that wouldn’t produce proper accounting and follow our rules. Unfortunately, they gave China like a long window to do this.

To drive home what is still happening to investors in China we brought in an investor who wanted to share his story. We hope that no one else has to go through the loss he experienced trusting the Chinese Investments. Joel Caplan has become an expert on Chinese companies that had been trading on the NASDAQ. Unfortunately, his loss has become a case study for other Americans to learn from.