Letter sent to each UNRWA donor nation:

March 29, 2021

The Hon.

Last month, the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research gave its sixth briefing in less than four years for senior staff of the UN Secretary General, concerning indiscretions of UNRWA education. Dr. Arnon Groiss, who has examined over a 1000 school books provided by the Palestinian Authority to UNRWA since August 2000, presented solid examples of violent anti-Semitism in the UNRWA school system, where the PA operates as the sole source of texts for UNRWA schools in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Gaza. He further provided examples of indoctrination aimed at the liquidation of the Jewish state, a full member of the UN organization. Following are examples from the latest textbooks published by the PA in 2020, used by UNRWA in the current school year:

1) Jews are demonized not only in the context of the conflict, but also outside it, as enemies of Prophet Muhammad and Islam in its early years, with attributed traits such as treachery and hostility, thus making them eternal enemies of Muslims today:

“But the Jews [in the city of Medina] did not respect the treaty [they had concluded with Muhammad] and resorted to all sorts of treachery, betrayal and hostility, which forced the Muslims to fight them.”

(Islamic Education, Grade 7, Part 1 (2020) p. 52)

2) Jews are demonized as infidels and as the Devil’s aides:

“Where are the horsemen [who will ride] to Al-Aqsa [Mosque] to liberate it from the grip of infidelity, from the Devil’s aides?”

(Arabic Language, Grade 7, Part 1 (2020) p. 67)

3) Terror is part and parcel of the liberation struggle. Following is the first page out of 4 in a lesson exalting the female commander of the terrorist attack on a civilian bus on Israel’s Coastal Highway in 1978 in which more than thirty Israelis – men, women and children were murdered:

“Dalal al-Mughrabi
([by] the writing team)

In front of the text:“Our Palestinian history is replete with many names of martyrs who have given their soul in sacrifice for the homeland. Among them [is] the martyr Dalal al-Mughrabi who has illustrated with her struggle a picture of challenging and bravery that have made her memory eternal in our hearts and minds. The text in front of us speaks of one aspect of her struggle path.”

(Arabic Language, Grade 5, Part 2 (2020) p. 51)

Having reviewed  this research,   the UN Secretary General staff made it clear that donor nations to UNRWA are responsible and accountable to oversee UNRWA policies. In that context, will you, in your capacity as the Ambassador of ———-ask that UNRWA remove antisemitism from its midst? Will you issue a directive to each UNRWA school to invoke the values of the UN which stress principles of peace and reconciliation? It would be an understatement to note that UNRWA schools , whose walls and gates are adorned by portraits of terrorists who have committed acts of murder, do not reflect the values of UN education.

Kind regards,

Julia Marks

Diplomatic Liason

+Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research