David Bedein, community organizer and investigative journalist, Founder and Director of the Nahum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, offers lectures, virtually or in person accompanied by movies shot on location:



David Bedein is author of the Genesis of the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA: Road Block to Peace.


Lecture Topics Include:


  • Holding UNRWA donor nations accountable for incitement against Jews and the confinement of five million descendants of Arab refugees to the indignity of “temporary” refugee camps since 1948. (Donor nations include Germany, Sweden, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia)


  • The new law enacted by the Palestinian Authority which provides salaries for life to anyone who murders a Jew?


  • How to influence donors to condition funds on the repeal of the Palestinian Authority’s murder incentive (Pay-for-Slay) law.


  • Can a Jew do business with the Palestinian Authority knowing that profits pay those who murder Jews?


  • How can Israel win the war with the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority?


Lectures include content from 34 years of meticulous documentation by experts.


Contact: Bedein.Center@gmail.com


Canadian tax deductible donations can be made via CAEF: https://tinyurl.com/4ukddhh4