A German academic asked for advice from the Nachum Bedein Center for Near East Policy Center as to how he could influence  UNRWA policy. His concern was motivated by Germany’s increasing its donation to UNRWA, with little accountability. Here is a list of donors  to UNRWA: https://www.unrwa.org/how-you-can-help/government-partners/funding-trends

Here is the advice  that we gave to our colleague from Germany:

 From six meetings that our news and research agency have conducted at the office of the UN Secretary General, since 2017, whose staff advises rstand that the UN holds UNRWA donor nations accountable for policies carried out by UNRWA, whose $1.6 billion dollar budget is rarely monitored.

 These were ten talking points UNRWA policy discussion.

1. Replacing UNRWA is not on the agenda. Only the UN can do that.

2.Removing anti-semitism from UNRWA policy is on the agenda.

3. Deleting UNRWA texts which present murderers as a role model is on the agenda.

4. Taking down maps from UNRWA schools which obliterate Israel is on the agenda

5. Conducting inspections of UNRWA facilities for weapons and munitions is on the agenda

6. Removing placards from UNRWA schools which call to murder Jews is on the agenda.

7. Requesting accountability for all cash transfers to UNRWA is on the agenda.

8. Deleting the slogan “right of return by force of arms” from UNRWA is on the agenda.

9. Monitoring UNRWA for alleged narcotics trade is on the agenda.

10. Surveying UNRWA facilities for evidence of sex trafficking is on the agenda.