Kristin Stewart
Press Officer/Spokesperson
U.S. Embassy Jerusalem | Tel Aviv Branch Office

Dear Kristin,

Greetings., With warmest regards to Ambassador Nides.

The US has returned to the position as the leading funder of UNRWA;;

In the wake of the armed and violent riots at the UNRWA facility in Shuafat:

Will the US government ask for an inspection .of UNRWA facilities in Shuafat for arms and munitions?

Will the US ask for UNRWA in Shuafat to remove active members of Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad be removed from the UNRWA payroll?

For your perusal, my latest UNRWA piece:

Doubling Australian aid to UNRWA: A vital perspective

Thank you for your prompt response

Deadline; Ocr. 12, 2022 9am Israel time,