In our new 80-page report, Clear and Convincing: The Links between the PFLP and the European Government-funded NGO Network, we present overwhelming, publicly available evidence of ties between seven Palestinian “human rights” NGOs and the PFLP terror organization.

The report, which expands on our earlier research, thoroughly debunks the claims of European governments and other funders, claiming that there was “no substantial information” to justify the Israeli designation of the NGOs as terror fronts.

We identified over 60 NGO officials with clear links to the PFLP: some convicted for planning and/or executing terrorist activity, and three currently standing trial for their involvement in the terror attack that killed 17-year-old Rina Shnerb.

We also highlight the five financial institutions that shut down online donations and accounts of PFLP-linked NGOs.

The report was widely shared, including with foreign ministers of the European governments that funded these NGOs in the past. In letters to these officials, NGO Monitor President Gerald Steinberg called on the European governments to stop their “abuse of taxpayer funds” and “act responsibly” were published in The European Conservative, JNS, Qualita (French) the European Jewish Press, Miff, Algemeiner, Cleveland Jewish News, and Channel 14 News (Hebrew).

NGO Monitor Contributes to the Diaspora Ministry
Annual Report on Antisemitism

NGO Monitor’s research was featured in the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs’ Annual Antisemitism Report, released this month. The report was presented at the Knesset during a high-level discussion featuring MKs and representatives from allied organizations. NGO Monitor President Gerald Steinberg was among the keynote speakers, stressing how anti-Israel NGOs, through their European donors, exploit the framework of human rights and international law. He gave several examples of European-funded NGOs expressing blatant antisemitism and leading the fight against adopting the IHRA definition.

In his opening remarks, Minister of Diaspora Affairs Amichai Chikli singled out the work of NGO Monitor. Amit Efrati, Deputy Director General for Combating Antisemitism, noted that NGO Monitor’s research contributed to “one of the most significant chapters in the report” as it “is the one that points out the European funding given to civil society organizations that promote antisemitic discourse rhetoric and practice.”

NGO Monitor at the British House of Lords

NGO Monitor’s Director of Communications Itai Reuveni presented on a panel, organized by the Henry Jackson Society and ELNET UK, at the British House of Lords in late January. The event, The Politics of Antisemitism, examined the factors leading to the rise in antisemitism in the Western world. Itai pointed out that “one of the most prominent players laying the ground to antisemitic sentiments are no other than groups who claim to promote human rights, some are even funded by European governments. Those NGOs, not only are refusing to protect Jews as a minority, and refusing to define antisemitism as a human rights issue, but also actively promoting antisemitism.”


New Report Exposes HRW’s Commitment to Promoting Antisemitism

We released a new report, HRW and Antisemitism: Sins of Commission and Omission, in response to HRW’s campaign to pressure the American Bar Association (ABA) against including the IHRA definition in an antisemitism resolution.

This document highlights the hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch (HRW) in attempting to influence discussions of antisemitism, noting the history of systematically ignoring hate crimes against Jews, instrumentalizing antisemitic attacks, advancing antisemitic tropes, and leading opposition to measures to fight antisemitism – particularly the IHRA working defintion. Read the full report here. Our research was featured in an article in the Jerusalem Post.

Harvard’s Reversal on Roth

NGO Monitor was widely quoted in articles about Harvard Kennedy School’s reversal of its decision to deny a fellowship position to former HRW head, Ken Roth. We supported the institution’s initial decision to reject Roth due to his long history of demonizing and delegitimizing Israel, which has contributed to the rise of antisemitism, including against Jewish students on university campuses.

Our statement affirming support for the Harvard’s original decision was quoted in numerous publications including AP News, The Washington Post, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JNS, Times of Israel, The Jewish Chronicle, ArutzSheva, Ynet, The Jerusalem Post, The Boston Globe, The Hill, Breitbart, Algemeiner, and World Israel News.

NGO Monitor’s Vice President Guest Speaker in Florida

NGO Monitor Vice President Olga Deutsch presented at the B’nai Aviv synagogue in Florida, addressing the current state of antisemitism alongside Rabbi Adam Watstein. Many members of the local community attended the event, titled “The Ugly Face of Antisemitism Today.” During her talk, Olga discussed how antisemitism and anti-Zionism intertwine, the politicization of human rights, and how the community can take a proactive stance.