This is legislation we  endorse   in the US, Canada. the UK , Germany, Sweden and Israel-
Simply put,  donations  to UNRWA must  be tied to a directive for  UNRWA to cut all ties with terrorism..
When our new movie is screened in each legislative body, the young faces of UNRWA terror will speak for themselves.
The Israel security establishment expects an Islamist  Palestinian Arab rebellion to  commence. during the third week of March, at the dawn of  Ramadan.
That is when  we will launch our movie , to be screened in each legislative venue, portraying   young UNRWA faces   determined to foster bloodshed in 59 “temporary” UNRWA  camps. home to 6.7 million descendants of Arab refugees , who have absorbed the UNRWA mantra of the “Right of Return by Force of Arms”..