In an appeal to fairness, Jewish residents have asked friends to get updated and know the true story. This is just one in a long line of attacks against Jews, in an ongoing effort to instill fear in the hearts of Israelis. Murder for politics. Hate and anti-Israel terror.

We want to help ask questions and get you real answers.

To combat distortion, we share some details that are overlooked or omitted.

We invite you to read the incident as properly reported upon here, and share the same.


Sarah, Ruth and Avi and the Yes! Israel team

This, from Governor Israel Ganz:

And more – Personal accounts of Jewish residents in the area, give a different picture from that portrayed in many biased media reports:

The regional council personnel responding to the attack, reported: “Serious incident two nights ago in Binyamin: Dozens of rioting Arabs from the village of Burka, carrying stones, iron bars and large firecrackers attacked and seriously injured a group of Jewish shepherds and local residents who came to their aid. One of the residents sustained serious head injuries, and was taken to hospital, where he needed surgery. He is currently in the ICU at Shaare Zedek, recovering from the operation, and is suffering from cerebral hemorrhaging and fractures to his skull. At his bedside are policemen from the Central Investigative Unit of the Judea and Samaria division.

It began when a Jewish shepherd who lives in the Oz Zion neighborhood was tending his flock in a field in Area C, Israeli state land, between Oz Zion and Burka, near his neighborhood. Several Arabs approached him and threatened him. At that point the shepherd, who felt his life was in danger, called a few Oz Zion residents, who arrived to be with him and to prevent the deterioration of the situation. Suddenly dozens of Arabs, armed with rocks, iron bars and large firecrackers swarmed around them and attacked the Israelis, threatening their very lives. The Israelis called the security forces and civilian forces for assistance.

The Arab rioters hurled large firecrackers directly at the Israelis and through rocks at them from point blank range. That was when one of the Israelis was hit in the head by a rock and seriously injured. With the last ounce of this strength he managed to defend himself with his handgun, for which he has a license.

The injured Jewish man was carried away by his friends, who called an ambulance that met them on the nearby road. The man was taken to Shaare Zedek hospital in serious condition, where he underwent surgery that night, and is now recovering in the ICU. Some media reports state that in firing his handgun to defend himself, he shot and killed one of the Arabs who were attacking him. Throughout his stay in the hospital, there are policemen from the Central Investigative Unit of the Judea and Samaria division. Late Friday evening the police arrested another Israeli resident of Oz Zion, who was at the incident and had helped evacuate the injured man to the hospital, under investigation.

Attorney Nati Rom of the Honenu legal aid organization was called on Saturday, during the Sabbath, to assist in the legal defense of the injured man in the hospital, and on Saturday night said, “This is a miracle. My client was seriously injured. He is only alive now thanks to a miracle and the resourcefulness of his friends. At the hospital I met a young civilian who was seriously injured after a horrific terror attack against him and his friends by hundreds of rioting Arabs. I call on the Shabak security forces and the police to find these Arab rioters immediately, and put them behind bars. This is attempted murder against a group of Jews, literally like a lynching. My client acted according to the law, and as required by anyone who carries a licensed personal weapon – to defend himself and the lives of other civilians.”