The Senate has confirmed Jack Lew as the United States’ new ambassador to Israel and it reveals a lot about what Biden’s true intentions may be. Glenn runs through the basic qualifications an ambassador to Israel should have — a deep understanding of the Jewish culture, foreign policy, and Iran. So, does Jack Lew — Obama’s former Treasury Secretary who played a key role in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal — check the boxes? Well, Glenn says he has a feeling that Lew won’t be too popular in Israel, especially as Iranian-backed terrorists continue to attack.


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GLENN: So yesterday, the Senate voted to confirm President Biden’s pick for ambassador to Israel. I don’t think he’s going to be real popular over there.

Now, this has been a month’s long vacancy. How is that possible?

Well, President Biden really picked somebody really, really good.

The qualifications. What do you think the qualifications to the ambassador to Israel. What should he have?

I mean, maybe, he should be Jewish.

Okay. The new ambassador.

Checks that box. He’s an Orthodox Jew. Observes the Sabbath. So far so good. Our ambassador to Israel should also have experience to foreign policy. Kind of important, saying the region is a tinderbox right now. Might be a little bit of an understatement.

Well, the nominee, he did serve as Obama’s deputy secretary of state, for management and resources.

That is referred to as the chief operating officer of the State Department. So, you know, give it all the aid that we’ll probably throw at the region. Could be a valuable skill set.

No. No. Now, of course, much of that aid is going to Gaza. But we know this new ambassador that was passed yesterday, by the Senate, knows how to handle finance. I mean, real finance. Real money too.

His name is Jack Lew. He’s the new ambassador.

Lieu was also the director of the office of management and budget, under both Clinton and Obama.

And then he served as Obama’s Treasury secretary from 2013 to 2017. So that’s great. Right?

As we learned from Ukraine, keeping track of our foreign aid, is going to be very important. And if he’s the ambassador, it will be great.

Oh, wait. What?

We just throw it out like Oprah?

And hope it blows up Russia or something?


What? There’s definitely no money laundering going on?

Right. Okay.

What do you mean?

Having the guy who ran the US Treasury. The opera or operas is going to make things worse?

No. It can’t be. It can’t be. The third thing I think we should learn about the ambassador of Israel. He has a very solid understanding of Iran.

And Jack Lew has a very solid understanding on Iran.

Because Hamas isn’t funding itself. Hamas, Hezbollah, and now the Houthi rebels in Yemen, they’re all getting their money and orders from Iran.

So we don’t want to send more. What?

He’s going to send. Okay.

Wait a minute.

Apparently, Jack Lew is one of the main players in Iran’s nuclear deal.

He is also the main guy Obama used to sell the deal to the Jewish community.

Now, he probably quickly realized the deal backfired. Well, in 2017, he said, I think Israel is safer today, than it was before the deal, when Iran was genuinely approaching having a nuclear weapon.

So remember the pallet of cash, that we put on the airport there for Iran?

Yeah. That’s Jack Lew.

That’s him.

So good pick for ambassador. For Israel. Right?

Every Senate Republican, except for two, voted no!

The two that voted for him, Rand Paul, and warmonger extraordinaire Lindsey Graham.

Now, is there a chance that Jack Lew will use his financial and negotiation skills to bring peace back to the region?


Or maybe he’s the perfect guy to continue what Biden has been doing all along. Appeasing Iran. Making the perfect opportunity for government money laundering.

But, I mean, honestly, if we could print our own money in the basement, I mean, wouldn’t you?

STU: So Rand Paul — Rand has been on the record kind of to approve most nominees. Right? That’s kind of been his stance over the years.

He pretty much believes — he believes in pretty much rubber stamps. He believes unless there’s something deeply unconstitutional about him.

I vote yes.

I am there to affirm. This is the way it used to be done, pretty much.

You would send somebody. And the Senate would not hold it for very long.

They would say, yes, Mr. President. That’s who you want. That’s who you get.

Unless there’s something deeply disturbing.

And I think there’s something deeply disturbing. You know, about Jack Lew.

STU: Right. It’s interesting tool. On the money part of this.

The Republican Party stopped caring about spending. I don’t know what year it was.

But pretty recently. At least stopped saying they — they cared about spending.

They really just — I guess they habitized it. Only when they’re in the opposition, do they say anything about it, basically at this point.

And it does not seem to be to be a central part of the platform anymore. It’s good. You want to make sure that you watch where this money goes. I think there’s no reason to avoid doing something like that.

I think the interesting part about this, is that this is such a bad situation.

I am someone who does care about spending. Like, we bring on budget experts all the time.

We still talk about how the debt is out of control.

Like, it’s an issue I still care about.

But when it comes to issues like both Ukraine and Israel, it is lower on my priority list. It’s not the top thing, I’m thinking about when I’m thinking about it.

Like Ukraine is a great example of this. I’m upset about all the money we’re spending in Ukraine.

It’s not my top concern, however, when it comes to Ukraine.

My top concern is this moronic group of people, getting us into World War III.


STU: Like. I don’t want them to spend the money. But if they spent the money on lollipops, I would also be very upset about it. But I don’t think it would cause World War III.

GLENN: Yeah, right. I get that. I am concerned about — that’s why I like the deal that the House has just put together for Israel.

If Biggs gets the amendment. Where you have to have eyes on it. That should be a given. That should just be a given.

So you have to have eyes on it.

And the money comes from something you didn’t spend that you said you wanted before.

Well, now you want this.

Okay. We will take that.

That is the way everybody in the real world works.

STU: Yeah. And it’s a way to actually address both things. There’s no reason, why we can’t take it from some delapidated. Either not spending it. Or wasting it.

GLENN: Yeah. I don’t think. And this is a real thing. We spent, I don’t know how many millions on — I guess mapping the vaginas of lesbians in the Congo.

I mean, what — what?

STU: Mapping them.

GLENN: Well, I don’t know exactly what we did with them.

But we were studying them for some reason.

And I don’t know why.

STU: I don’t want to know why.

GLENN: I don’t want to know why.

Just stop. Stop.

There’s enough cookies in the cookie jar. That are so bad, that we should take them out of the jar.

STU: And, you know, look, I’ve never been to the Congo.

I had a time share there. But I never made it out there.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: But my belief is it’s probably not the greatest place to live on a daily basis.

And if so, leave these people alone.

Stop studying their vaginas. Just let them live their lives. You don’t need to go in there with all your equipment. Just them alone. Let them breathe. You know what I’m saying? Let them hang out there. That — that should be lower on your concern list.


  1. Arabic speakers know that ‘From the Rivers to the sea…’ “Free” speaks of pure-Arab: Arab racism / supremacy, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Jews -non-Arabs

    Without going into Arab-Palestinian oppressive regimes’ nature of PA or Hamas and the ironic term “free” or “freedom” chants.
    But in Arabic, it is the ARAB – to be of the area, which is the yearning by this and such slogans. [1]
    Worse than merely Arab-apartheid of Arab republics but it’s about Arab ‘purity.’
    It is no different from Hitler’s helper [2] Ahmad Shukeiri that wanted to establish in Jerusalem a “purely Arab government” for all of Palestine. [3]
    Or today (SJP/WOL) Nerdeen Kiswani known for interrupting Holocaust ceremonies [4] that push that ‘Palestine is Arab’ chant. [5]
    In fact, the very basis for objecting a Jewish State by the Arab Higher Committee in 1947 was exactly that: Arab racism – as expressed [6] by its spokesperson Jamal Husseini, only months after he and Shukeiri justified the Holocaust. [7]
    What’s amazing is that with Google translate age Israelophobes have still the audacity to go Arafat style ‘Double Speak’ [8] – that is, to lie in English to the West.
    Including Rashida Tlaib.



    Imam of Peace @Imamofpeace:

    Rashida is a liar. Why? Because the chant “From the river to the sea” is a translation of the original Arabic chant “from the water to the water, Palestine will remain Arab.” This is a genocidal call to ethnically cleanse the land from all non-Arabs i.e. the Jews.
    The original Arabic chant: من المية للمية فلسطين عربية

    Nov 3, 2023

    Sam Halpern, “Noa Tishby slams Rashida Tlaib for ‘from the river to the sea’ claim.” The Jerusalem Post, Nov 4, 2023.

    Congressional Record: Proceedings and Debates of the …, Volume 107, Part 24, United States Congress 1961, p.5735:

    Shukairy joined the Arab Higher Committee which was also headed by the ex Mufti. Shukairy got his start in politics in the early 1930s when he belonged to a group of fanatical extremists led by the ex-Mufti. This gang cooperated with the Communists and prior to the Hitler-Stalin Pact sought in every possible way to sabotage the Allied war effort against the Nazis in the Middle East. However, when Soviet Russia joined the Allies, Shukairy’s group split with the communists, and went all out for Hitler.

    The Detroit Jewish News. Friday, February 03, 1967 (p. 9)

    ‘Antiwar Group Warns Public of PLO Leader Shukairy.’
    In a letter to the editor published in Wednesday’s New York Times, Dr. Albert Simard, secretary of the Society for the Prevention of World War Three warns of the “dangerous” background and activities of Ahmed Shukairy, head of the Palestine Liberation Organization who, he said, had expressed hatred of the West.
    Recalling the pro-Hilter activities “highest levels of government” of Shukairy when he was associated with the notorious Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

    The Progress-Index from Petersburg, Virginia, June 13, 1967, p.4.

    ‘Palestine Liberation Group Badly Mauled.’ By Michael Goldsmith, Beirut, Lebanon (AP).

    The Arab defeat in the Middle East war leaves a big question mark over the future of the Pafestine Liberation Organization and its firebrand leader -leftist Ahmed Shukairy. Shukairy narrowly escaped capture by Israeli forces in Jerusalem and many of his “Liberation Army” are now prisoners of the Israelis. “We will wipe Israel off the face of the map and no Jew will survive,” Shukairy declared two days before the war broke out June 5. He vowed to lead the vanguard of his troops into the Israeli sector of Jerusalem and set up a “purely Arab government” there for all of Palestine.

    “Jewish leaders demand termination of CUNY Law dean.”
    Haley Cohen, The Jerusalem Post, Jun 14, 2023.

    Gunz, a former classmate of Kiswani’s at CUNY Law, has said that Kiswani has been criticized “because she interrupts Holocaust memorial ceremonies and says that she hopes the last thing Zionists hear in their life is ‘pop pop.'”

    “Anti-Israel Groups Stage Days of Resistance Protests.” ADL, Aug 13, 2020.

    At the rally in New York City, a few protesters prominently displayed flags of the terrorist groups Hezbollah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Among the chants were “Hey-hey ho-ho, Zionists have got to go” and, in Arabic, “From the river to the sea, Palestine is Arab.” One speaker spoke glowingly of the “growing militant struggle of Palestinians to avenge their homeland” and of Palestinians and others around the globe “taking up the armed struggle of revolution because they have no other choice, they have no other way to fight for their struggles.” The event’s MC, Nerdeen Kiswani of the anti-Israel group Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine, referred to Jewish people who immigrated to Palestine and later Israel in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as exclusively European, despite the large percentage of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews who came to Israel, often in response to persecution, from the Middle East and North Africa, and currently make up the majority of the Israeli Jewish population.

    Herf, J. (2022). Israel’s Moment: International Support for and Opposition to Establishing the Jewish State, 1945-1949. India: Cambridge University Press, p. 65.

    Jamal Husseini claimed the Arab world’s “territorial continuity” served as a “natural bulwark for peace, homogeneity, and race” that a Jewish state in the region would destroy.

    Behind the British Conspiracy.” B’nai B’rith Messenger. 12 July, 1946, p.6: .

    Achmed Shukeiri, chief of the Arab office, who restituted in his conversation the words of Goebbels, justified the murder of six million Jews of Europe “because Hitler could not be all wrong.” I met Jamal el Husseini; he issued the same warning as Shukeiri (he being Shukeiri’s chief) … and reiterated his justification of the mass murder of six million Jews “for Hitler couldn’t be all wrong . . .

    “Listen to Arafat in Arabic, Not in English.”
    David Eliezrie, The Los Angeles Times, Feb 27, 1996.


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