Tragically, the visuals the Israeli government has been using—dead and maimed bodies—are too easy for the PLO and Hamas to counter.

It was not hard to predict that the Arabs would now line up their mangled bodies from our air raids in response to mangled Jewish bodies.

What the Arabs cannot counter: Clear presentations of lethal indoctrination to murder Jews by the U.N.’s Palestinian Arab refugee agency UNRWA, as we at the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research have documented for 36 years.

Our footage and studies of UNRWA schools show that UNRWA arms and brainwashes Arab children as young as nine years old with a curriculum of premeditated genocidal murder.

Tragically, numerous agencies that promote Israel’s cause have not shared this lethal incitement with journalists who cover the war.

I have spoken with dozens of reporters. Not one journalist has even glanced at the new UNRWA textbooks that glorify the murder of Jews.

Not one reporter has seen our movies that depict Arab children trained to murder Jews in cold blood.

I and my colleagues who work to document lethal incitement to massacre Jews predicted the current war.

On Sept. 27, I brought four Arabic-fluent journalists with whom we have worked for 25 years to brief Israel intelligence on how UNRWA indoctrinates a new generation to murder Jews in a cold and systematic manner, devoid of emotion.

That is precisely what occurred on Oct. 7, when 3,000 highly trained and well-disciplined Palestinian Arab UNRWA terrorists traversed the porous Gaza fence and went on a killing spree, attacking anyone in their path—men, women, children and babies. Many of the UNRWA terrorists knew their victims by name.

This fact is worth reiterating: Testimonies showed that as the UNRWA attackers killed children, often in front of their parents, many of the killers knew each victim by name.

Our new movie will depict how UNRWA mesmerizes youngsters in Bethlehem and Jerusalem to engage in the kind of killing spree that the world witnessed on Oct. 7.

The world needs to know that UNRWA teaches murder.