David Bedein has spent nearly forty years focusing his journalistic efforts on UNRWA, the United Nations arm tasked with the health, welfare, and education of Palestinian refugees. The UN does not try to resettle Palestinian refugees the way it does refugees from any other place in the world. Further, refugee status for Palestinians is inherited, which is also unique among the refugees. Over the years, David and his team of both Jewish and Arab investigators have documented how UNRWA money goes unaccounted for, and how their schools teach children to hate and to want to kill jews.

David’s many videos, films, and books on the topic can be found at his website: https://israelbehindthenews.com/

In the episode David mentions sharing an example of a woman who is lauded as a hero in UNRWA school books for killing 34 Jews. Here is the link to that text: https://israelbehindthenews.com/2021/11/30/dalal-al-mughrabi-a-murderous-terrorist-as-a-role-model-in-palestinian-authority-schoolbooks-used-by-unrwa-2/