The residents of Cape Town recently complained about an overpowering, noxious smell that was permeating their city.

After investigations, it transpired that the source of the problem was a vessel anchored off shore, which was transporting livestock to Iraq. Once the ship moved away the air quality improved much to the relief of the residents.

Meanwhile, another more obnoxious and potentially lethal emission was circulating in Cape Town. Not only was it threatening the health of many of the city’s inhabitants but it also had the very great potential to cause murder and mayhem on a grand scale.

A Member of Parliament from one of South Africa’s political parties gave a speech in which he threatened a “bloodbath” if Cape Town was “given to the Zionists.” In case this was not clear enough he proceeded to launch into a denunciation of Israel and Zionists and issued a warning against South Africans who supported the Jewish State.

This should come as no surprise given the poisonous atmosphere that has been created by the ANC South African Government’s indictments of Israel at the International Court of Justice and its embrace of Hamas. Many decent South Africans are horrified at their Government’s love affair with terrorist groups and its frenetic vilification of Israel defenders. The problem remains, unfortunately, that constant rhetoric of delegitimisation inevitably leaves an impression on gullible minds which in turn results in potential violence.

This is the dilemma faced by the Jews of South Africa as they fight a rearguard action in an endeavour to hold back the resultant backlashes of incited mobs. Once the constant brainwashing has permeated the ignorant minds of the masses the eruptions of mayhem will follow. Inciting sermons in Mosques combined with anti-Israel education in Islamic schools only needs a wink and a nod from ruling political parties for violence to follow.

This is the lethal concoction being brewed not only in South Africa but also in every country where the authorities are cowed into shameful inaction in the face of jihadist intimidation.

One has only to look at what is occurring not only in Europe and Scandinavia but also in Canada, USA, UK and even in Australia and New Zealand.

Threats of violence against legislators because of their support for Israel are now commonplace. It has become so bad in the UK that one MP has decided to throw in the towel while others now require security protection. Mobs shouting the vilest threats against Jews march unmolested and unchallenged through the streets of London on a weekly basis. The House of Commons is thrown into mayhem and incitement to genocidal cleansing “from the river to the sea” is projected onto Parliament’s Big Ben.

The same phenomenon can be witnessed in Sydney, where a Jewish man carrying an Israeli flag is detained while the pro-Hamas mob screams threats against Jews and Israel. In Melbourne, two Jewish men are detained and threatened with arrest for lawfully trying to attend a City Council meeting. Despite being assaulted, the Jews were detained while their assailants were given a pass by the police.

The refusal of law enforcement authorities in the UK, Australia and elsewhere to confront blatant Jew hate is a symptom of a woke collapse of moral backbone so evident these days. It is obvious that political cowardice and hypocrisy in the face of jihadist intimidation is infecting the reluctance of police to pull the rug from under the feet of the inciters.

The political writing on the wall is now clear for all who take the trouble to read the omens.

As the electoral clout of those who demonise Israel and Jews grows, the question needs to be asked as to how long beleaguered Jewish communities can hold on. Rearguard action, outreach to open-minded people, education, and appeals to common sense and decency are all valuable tools, but can they hold back the gathering clouds of noxious fumes? In many countries it is already too late as the effects of this pervasive poisoning are likely irreversible.

The antidotes to this massive threat are no longer working.

Once upon a time there was bipartisan support in the USA for Israel. Today that is vanishing as fast as a desert mirage. The progressive socialists of the Democrat Party are joined by an increasing number of leftist apologists for Islamic terror. The isolationist wings of the Republicans are seeking to revert back to the 1930s when standing up against Nazism and Fascism was not part of the agenda. Those under the age of 50 have no clue about history or historical facts, and a whole generation of university students and graduates have been inculcated with anti-Israel dogmas.

In other countries, the knee-jerk anti-Zionist perversions have mutated into the green generation. Their concerns for climate change and environmental matters now embrace anti-Israel conspiracies as part and parcel of the new gospels of hate. The patron saint of climate change, Greta Thunberg, is a cheerleader for anti-Israel incitement. The polluting poisons supposedly influencing our weather have now also produced a generation of Israel haters.

An insidious smog of diseased discourse is spreading worldwide and infecting large swathes of humanity.

One of its manifestations is a hallucinogenic effect causing many to embrace beliefs hitherto consigned to the realms of science fiction.

That is the only explanation one can give when faced with the irrational belief that a “revitalized and reformed” Palestinian Authority will be the perfect peace partner. With the resignation of the PA Prime Minister and his colleagues the experts in Washington and elsewhere are seized with paroxysms of ecstasy. What all of them refuse to acknowledge is that anything which comes afterwards will be just as corrupt. In fact, the objective is to unify all the terror groups.

Joe Biden has declared that “the overwhelming majority of Palestinians are not Hamas.” He is wrong again because polls have shown an overwhelming majority supporting Hamas and the terror agenda of associated groups.

While grasping an ice cream cone, Biden was asked about a ceasefire and hostages release. With a dazed look, he mumbled that, hopefully, by Monday, something should be agreed to. The brutal truth is that he doesn’t have a clue. Obviously, licking an ice cream is preferable to facing up to brutal realities.

China has argued at the World Court that the Palestinians have a perfectly legal right to engage in an armed struggle against Israel. In other words, it is perfectly OK to murder and kidnap Israelis. The fact that a country with a track record like Communist China can stand in front of a UN Court and speak such garbage is an indication of how low matters have sunk these days.

The Hashemite monarch of Jordan stood next to President Biden and pontificated that “seven decades of occupation is the reason for the current plight of the Palestinians.” By my calculation seven decades takes us back to 1954. From 1948 to 1967 Jordan illegally occupied what they erroneously call the West Bank and half of Jerusalem without creating the so called much desired Arab Palestine. Of course Biden did not react to this blatant piece of chutzpah most probably because his mind was elsewhere.

The annual Eurovision extravaganza is again about to take place. It is being held in Malmo. This city, from which most of the Jewish community has been driven out, is now the capital of Islamic jihadists in Sweden. The competition has nothing to do with artistic or musical quality and everything to do with political shenanigans. It is somewhat of a minor miracle that Israel has managed in the past to win first place. That is definitely not likely to happen this year. Already, there are demands to disqualify Israel from competing. If the country does not succeed, there is apparently another “drei” (Yiddish for stitch-up) that will be used. The lyrics of Israel’s song are being challenged because they are not sufficiently politically correct. Referring, even obliquely, to Israelis murdered or kidnapped, is forbidden. If Israel does not agree to omit the offending verses it will be banned from Eurovision.

It now transpires that Israel has substituted an alternative song. This too has been banned because the lyrics are not suitable. The offending words are “”Hope doesn’t stop, it just spreads its wings,” It’s like a million stars that suddenly light up in the sky.”

A clearer case of cynical hypocrisy would be hard to find.

Presumably, the next step in this international theatre of the absurd will be a demand at the UN General Assembly for “Shema Yisrael” to be deleted as an article of Jewish Faith because it represents a colonialist apartheid oppressive belief that is incompatible with the lofty and sacred gospels of the world body.

If nothing is done to prevent the odious odours emitted by the unhinged masses from spreading it will threaten to engulf all sane and decent humanity.