Amid a fresh warning that Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours, the United States of America has said that Iran should not engage in any provocative actions.

“They will have to respond. It is directly state involvement. They bombed our embassy in Syria and they will have to pay for this. The U.S. and the western countries rather than condemning the action are lecturing us. We will respond,” Iran Foreign minister has said.

Meanwhile, several countries including India have issued warnings to their citizens asking them not to travel to Israel.

Russia and China have issued a stern warning to America and Israel to condemn the action and not launch attacks on Iran, if they retaliate.

‘West is destine to fail, no matter how much blackmail they use’ – Lavrov,  Russian Foreign Minister said. He accused the US to destabilize the situation in several countries.

Meanwhile, Qatar and Kuwait have jointly said that they will not allow their lands to be used as bases to attack Iran.

According to multiple reports, “Qatar and Kuwait just told the US that they cannot use bases on their territories to attack Iran”.