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During IDF operational activity in eastern Rafah on Saturday, terrorists were identified in UNRWA’s central logistics compound alongside UN vehicles.

In the footage, a number of terrorists and gunfire can be seen near UN vehicles and in the area of UNRWA’s logistics warehouse compound in eastern Rafah, which is a central point for the distribution of aid on UNRWA’s behalf in the Gaza Strip.

Following the event, representatives of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) conveyed the findings to senior officials in the international community and called on the UN to conduct an urgent investigation into the matter.

In addition, COGAT representatives warned the UN against the presence of terrorists in the area, and the seriousness of the danger that exists in the presence of the terrorists in the logistics center compound with regard to the continued protection of the organization’s facilities.

The IDF stated that it “will continue to act in accordance with international law to distribute aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip.”

Israel Foreign Minister Israel Katz said following the publication of the video showing the terrorists in the UN compound: “Hamas terrorists firing at civilians from within a UNRWA facility next to UN vehicles in Rafah.”

“No lie from Guterres and Lazzarini will hide the truth: UNRWA is an arm of the terrorist organization Hamas. Lazzarini must resign!” Katz said.

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