Funds Needed to Continue Proactive News Investigations

  • Dangers of Further US Aid to the PLO Army
  • Threat of Planned PLO Army Deployment in Hebron and Jerusalem
  • UNRWA and PA for War Curriculum, financed by US and the West
  • Conflicts of Interests of Israeli businesses invested in the Palestinian Authority

Data From Investigations Presented to Legislative Bodies in Israel, the US, Canada and the EU.

BANK TRANSFER INFO:Center for Near East Policy Research,
P.O. Box 71098 Jerusalem 91719 Israel
Bank Transfer Information:
Union Bank of Israel, Ltd
Main Branch Jerusalem
Swift Code: Unbkilit 13-051
Acct. Number: 28142/45
Attention: Lawyer Trust Account of Atty. Jacob Golbert
Corresponding bank: JPMorgan Chase ABA# 021 000 021

**US and Canadian tax deductible avenues available:


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