Since April 2016, I have been documenting by boat the treasures of the Dead Sea, gathering new dramatic geological phenomena and measuring the constantly receding water level.

My mission is to share the incredible beauty of this world heritage site, while sending out alarm bells on how quickly the sea is vanishing before our very eyes.

Scientists are now saying, that if something isn’t done immediately, all that will remain of the Dead Sea in the near future will be a mere small pool of salt water.

To date, I have taken thousands of photographs of this lowest place on earth and have put together a carefully selected photo exhibition that will help inform, educate and inspire audiences from around the world to visit and to partake towards healing this world phenomenon- the magnificent Dead Sea.

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Noam Bedein is a director of the Sderot Media Center. It is a media advocacy center which portrays the human face of Sderot and southern Israel under siege, to the international media and public. Noam, a native of Tzfat, grew up in Efrat, Israel. After finishing the Beit El Yeshiva High School, Noam learned at a pre-Army training program in the Jordan Valley and then served for three years as an IDF sergeant for an artillery scout unit along the Lebanese border. After the army, Noam served as an emissary for The Jewish Agency in Boston, Massachusetts and then traveled for a year in the Far East.

Upon his return to Israel, Noam relocated to Sderot and pioneered the “Sderot Media Center for the Western Negev Ltd", which has spawned the Sderot Media Center. In this position, Noam is a photojournalist, lecturer and gives briefings to foreign government officials, embassies, foreign press and student groups from around the world.


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