Israeli threats and bribes failed to weaken the adherence of the Palestinian to their sovereignty over Jerusalem which was occupied in 1967.

At Camp David II, President Arafat insisted that our sovereignty should be applied to all of East Jerusalem including al-Aqsa mosque as one of the most sacred places to Muslims all over the world.

As a result, the Israelis thought of putting an end to the role of the negotiating table where issues can be peacefully resolved, instead, they introduced new tactics to make the Palestinians succumb to their will. At first, the Israeli prime minister, Barak, hinted at the possibility of forming a national unity government that includes the right wing Likud headed by Sharon, the terrorist.

To do so, it became necessary to involve Sharon in the new type of negotiations-negotiations through blood.

It seems that Barrak decided that al-Haram al-Shareef would be the best location for demonstrating the inclusion of Sharon in the negotiations.

After all, the issue of al-Haram was the most complicated at Camp David II.

On September 28th, 2000 Sharoon, who was guarded by 3000 soldiers, stormed into al Haram. His obnoxious visit coincided with the anniversary of the death of the late Egyptian president, Jamal Abdul Nasser and while Palestinians were commemorating the anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacre which he engineered. Amid the fury, that Palestinians were feeling, Sharon’s visit was more than provocative. He aimed to support Barak’s proposal concerning al_Haram according to which Israel shares sovereignty over al_Haram since what Israel calls the temple mount lies under al-Haram.

Barak succeed in initiating the new type of negotiation. On Sep 29,and in an attempt to change the Palestinian position over Jerusalem, Barak’s soldiers shed the blood of several Palestinians who were doing their Friday prayer al-Haram. The massacre reminded every body of an earlier massacre that took place in another sacred place in Hebron few years ago when a Jew called Goldshtein killed many Palestinians while they were doing the morning prayer.

Introducing the new method of negotiating through blood was not confined to al-Haram compound. The killing spread to other places all over mandatory Palestine. Many fell as martyrs in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Galilee and in the Naqab.

This strengthened the Palestinian position rather than weakened it.

The Palestinian leaderships met on Sep 29 to declare that all options are open including the blood, confrontations that showed the true nature of Israeli’s government as a bunch of killers.

The stiff resistance that the Palestinian demonstrators showed against the Israeli Killing reversed Barak’s expectations. The solid position of the Palestinian leadership and that of Egypt made Barak phone Arafat to offer his condolences over the victims of the Israeli violence. He asked for President Arafat’s help in normalizing the situation. In his reply, President Arafat insisted on Israel’s withdrawal of its tanks and soldiers. He added that we are not in a state of war with Israel, we are being attacked and hundreds of our people have been wounded. Arafat refused to meet with some leaders of the Israeli army as Barak suggested.

The Palestinian leadership refused to put an end to the public protests against the Israeli attacks. Israel it was felt, have to pay this time for its mistakes. The following statement was issued.

The Israeli army is amassing its tanks and heavy weapons around our cities. They are using missiles against Palestinian suburb adjacent to the Israeli settlement, Netzarim. The Israeli army is using live ammunition against our people who are demonstrating peacefully to express their refusal of Israeli ‘s violation against our holy sites.

During the last three days, our people showed their determination to defend their rights and sacred places, be they Muslim or Christian. They are sending a message to the world that a real comprehensive peace can be achieved through occupation, the Judaization of Jerusalem or Sharon’s fanaticism.

The Palestinian people has emphasized to the world its unity under the leadership of the PLO They expressed this through their defending al-Haram against the barbaric attacks of the Israeli army. They also expressed this in the statement issued by Christian patriarchs in Jerusalem who considered al-Haram as a national symbol that embodies our national sovereignty.

The Palestinian leadership calls on all concerned all over the world to stop Israeli’s attacks against our people and holy sites and to withdraw its forces from al-Harm and from the outskirts of our cities.

The Palestinian Leadership calls on the U.N. Secretary General and on the Secretary Council to set up an international investigation committee to specify and condemn those responsible for al-Haram’s massacre.

On Sep 30, the national and Islamic forces met and issued the following statement.

The planned crime committed by Barak’s government against our people in al-Harm, and the protection of Sharon’s provocative visit to al-Harm show how far Israel has gone in disregarding our feelings and rights. The national and Islamic forces would like to stress the following:

To Condemn the massacre committed by Barak’s government, to call on the trial of those responsible, and to condemn the U.S. bias for Israel.

To Call on our people to continue their protests against the massacre and any violation against Muslim or Christian holy sites, until our sovereignty is restored to Jerusalem.

We call on the PNA to avoid any moves that may hinder or slow these protests. In this regard we announce the following:

A state of alertness should be declared among Palestinian forces and factions to support the public protests and guarantee their continuity.

On Monday, October 2,the anniversary of the restoring of Jerusalem by the Muslim leader, Salah el-Din, public protests should be escalated

To arrange a permanent sit-in al-Haram and to invite our students for participation.

To show appreciation to our Palestine brothers in Israel proper for their support and sacrifices.

In defending Jerusalem, certain steps should be taken to enhance our national unity. This includes releasing all political prisoners.

To halt the present negotiations on a protest against Israel’s violation of our feelings and rights and against the U.S. bias for Israel and in particular the law passed by the U.S. Congress

To immediately release the Palestinian soldier who shot at Israel’s soldiers in Qalqilya.

To urge Arab and Muslim countries take the step necessary for defending Jerusalem and the Palestinian national rights including sovereignty over holy sites in Jerusalem.

The national and Islamic Palestinian forces will remain faithful to those who fell in defending the right of their people, unit we gain our independence.

Revolution Until Victory


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