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Conference- Holding UNRWA accountable

Hold UNRWA Accountable ad (13.56 × 15.24 cm)-2 (5) (1)

Senator Risch is holding up US funding for UNRWA? Kudos to him!

Can there be a difference between one’s obligations and one’s actions? Well, we all are supposed to be good citizens — but somehow, the jails are full, so the answer to that question is...

Unveiling The Unratified: The Swift Demise Of The PLO-Israel Peace Endeavor

As the world reminisces about the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Peace Process, an exploration into the less-talked-about aspects of the initiative reveals a story that diverges from conventional narratives. Three decades ago, on September...

Behind the scene with David Bedein – August 29, 2023


Askar – UNRWA: Cradle of Killers

Askar - UNRWA: Cradle of Killers from המרכז לחקר מדיניות המזה"ת CFNEPR on Vimeo.  

For Ilhan Omar, not all foreign influence spending is bad

During her time in Congress, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has frequently voiced concern over the influence of foreign interests on American politics — most controversially with regard to the pro-Israel community in the U.S. But when she visited Qatar...

Iran Is About to Conduct a Nuclear test

According to a terrifying story in the Jerusalem Post that cites numerous European security agencies, the Iranian terror regime may be perilously close to conducting a nuclear bomb test. Its biggest supporter appears to be...

Boat trip aimed at saving Dead Sea also explores marvels revealed by its evaporation

As the owner of the second boat to sail the Dead Sea in the past 75 years, Noam Bedein knows its salty waters better than almost anyone. But lately, his excursions have led him...

Special update: Arab terror, this time in Binyamin

In an appeal to fairness, Jewish residents have asked friends to get updated and know the true story. This is just one in a long line of attacks against Jews, in an ongoing effort...