Last week [Thursday, 21st February, 1997], the Palestinian paramilitary police arrested three people charged with direct involvement in the death of Yousef Baba [Yussef Ismail al Baba], 32, who died as a result of torture during interrogation in a Palestinian Authority (PA)-controlled Shchem/Nablus prison earlier this month source: In addition to the suspected perpetrators in the PA Military Intelligence Service, the police also arrested a doctor, his assistant and two nurses working at Rafidya Hospital where Baba died.

The arrest of the medical personnel is probably meant to quell further leaks of information about how al Baba died; the perpetrators will soon be released but their detention will appease criticism that has been leveled at the fledgling Palestinian administration for yet another abuse of human rights and jurisdictional privileges said Khader Shkirat, Lucky Patcher is an application that gives you genuine control over the consents you provide for the applications introduced on your Android. Lucky Patcher APK Download you can erase unreasonable promoting, change the authorizations, make reinforcements of different applications, and significantly more. All things considered, you do require an attached gadget keeping in mind the end goal to appreciate these elementsdirector of the Jerusalem-based Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment (LAW). The arrests came the same day that Washington, DC-based Human Rights Watch petitioned the leaders of the EU to confront Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat with the “arbitrary and abusive” activity of his security forces. Since the EU is the primary funding source of the PA [[having provided about one billion dollars in unmonitored aid to the Palestinians over the last three years]] it has a special reponsibility to assure that it goes to support “peaceful rather than police” activity said Kenneth Roth, Watch executive director.

For months, Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, has been urging the European community to impose sanctions on the Palestinian Authority (PA) to moderate its “flagrant violations of human rights in areas under its control” emphasizing that “torture and arbritrary arrest are routine”. He too asked for “earmarked donations for social projects or requirements of accountability noting that there are officially 80,000 “police” in 11 separate government security forces, for a population of 2 million and that close to 2000 political prisoners have been held in PA jails for over 6 months without charge and that most were tortured “as if routine”.

al Baba, a land dealer suspected of making an improper property sale, was arrested on January 3. He is the 11th Palestinian prisoner known to have been tortured to death in PA custody since 1993. Rafidiya Hospital sources said that he first arrived at the hospital on January 30, with welts and cigarette burns along the length of his body, rope marks around his hands and feet, and his arms bruised and swollen. Despite his serious condition, his interrogators took him back to prison the same day, but returned him two days later, where he died within an hour of massive internal hemorrhage.

His body was given to his family for burial, only after it had been thoroughly autopsied and was in a state of considerable decay said Shkirat, who was allowed to photograph the body; it was still possible to see that he had been tortured. al Baba’s entire medical record disappeared from their files “as if he didn’t exist” a fact confirmed by PA Justice Minister Freih Abu Medein who also acknowledged his arbitrary arrest and that the conditions to release the corpse included no further autopsy and agreement to bury the body immediately.

Amnesty International reported that “on no [previous] occasion has the report of any investigation or inquiry known to have been published or even made available to victims or human rights organizations; usually no report is even known to have been made.”

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