September 9, 1997

Dear Secretary Albright,

As a United States citizen, I am deeply touched by your personal visit.

By the grace of God, I was spared death, as a nail-filled bomb pierced most of my body

With help from above, I will recover, but I am deeply troubled by what I saw.

As a yeshiva seminary student, I try to search for a deeper understanding of the events that I see.

And as I lay in a hospital bed, I also try to comprehend the ongoing political process.

I am deeply troubled by what I see. In December of 1992, the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin expelled 400 Hamas members from the country. Yet after intense US state department pressure, the Israel government gave in, and allowed these terrorists to return to the country. That mistake has cost hundreds of lives. I almost paid for this blunder with my life.

Secretary Albright, please do not be fooled and deceived any more. Yassir Arafat has embraced and armed Hamas leaders and has embraced their policies. It has been exactly four years since Arafat signed the Oslo accords at the White House, promising that the PLO would revoke the covenant to destroy Israel. After fours years it remains just that; a promise.

Enough is enough. Secretary Albright, precious lives are at stake. The policies that you choose are crucial. The decision not to stand up to Hamas four years ago almost cost me my life, while claiming the lives of over 300 terror victims. Your decision to stand up to Arafat could save lives tomorrow. Please do the right thing.

Respectively Yours,

Daniel Miller, age 19, student studying in Jerusalem from Miami, Fla
Orthopedic Recovery Ward
Hadassah Hospital
Jerusalem, Israel