On 2nd July, the Palestinian Preventative Security Service (PSS) arrested Dr. Fathi Ahmed Subuh, professor at the Department of Education at al Azhar University in Gaza, for asking several critical questions on a final exam.

Dr. Subuh at Tel il Howa. He was tortured and interrogated. During the three days that he was submitted to torture he was asked questions about his ties to Israeli and International Peace Groups.

Dr. Subuh has never been charged with any crime. He has not been arrested, merely detained.

As a result of international pressure he was taken from Colonel Mohamad Deklans’ interrogation center and transferred to the main holding center in the Police Head Quarters in Gaza City.

He will be released only by a direct administrative order from President Arafat personally


Earlier this week Doctor Sabuh was taken from his cell in the Police detention center and rushed to Shifa Hospital in Gaza. He remained delirious with a high fever for over 20 hours. Hebcom’s human rights investigator, who managed to visit Doctor Sabuh in the recovery ward, reported that the doctor had lost over 10 kilograms of weight. He is now recovering from this episode and, when his doctors find him fit enough, will be returned to his detention cell.

Action: Requested Action

Fax President Yassir Arafat: (972) (7) 822365/6
Fax Justice Minister Freih Abu Medein (972) (7) 822365/6

E-Mail Palestine National Authority:
E-Mail PLO/United Nations:

Demand that Dr. Subuh be immediately released or charged and given a prompt trial.

Fax or write Dr. Subuh at Shifa Hospital, Gaza, in care of the above addresses.

Do not let this man be forgotton

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