Quote of the Day

“Three new martyrs today, among them Nimr Youssef Maghneim of Jenin and Nidala Breiksa, stars of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, who were both struck and killed by fire from Israeli occupation forces yesterday.

Attitude to Violence

“We now have confronted with war the Israeli government-a government that thinks it is the strongest government ever to face our people. This is a war that we embrace because Barak froze and withdrew from the (peace) process. We have no choice but to face this barbaric aggression with steadfastness.”

Dr. Zakariah Agha, member PLO Executive Committee, in main morning interview, yesterday Oct. 4, 7:14 AM.

Attitude to Reconciliation or Negotiation With Israel

“Secretary of the PLO Executive Mahmoud Abbas-Abu Mazen-completely denied reports that he had had contacts with Israeli Justice Minister Yossi Beilin.” ((Quote is taken from 2PM headlines-October 25–of “Ahdaf al-Yom” (Events of the Day), main afternoon news show on VOP. Commentators made clear that any resumption of talks with Israel was out of question.))

Attitude to Israeli Emergency Government

“The establishment of an emergency government is the final killing of the peace process and the continuation of aggression.” (AGHA, Oct 24, 7:16 AM)

Morning Headlines, Oct 25 (7 a.m.):

  • Three new martyrs of the Al-Aqsa Intifada;
  • Cabinet Secretary Ahmad Abdul-Rahman says Barak has chosen war and only choice for our people is to defend itself;
  • US source: Clinton wants to invite President Arafat and Barak to summit;
  • Arab diplomatic movement to reinforce decisions of Arab summit;
  • Islamic Movement to convene in Teheran in coming days to discus situation;
  • Palestinian representative to UN pushes implementation of resolutions of international legitimacy.


The Voice of Palestine continues its intensive coverage of battlefield events, employing an almost score-card-like approach to dead and casualties (see above quotation referring to dead Palestinians as “star” performers in Intifada-related events). The Palestinian dead are called martyrs and given the Olympian status of Gold medal winners.

This morning VOP provided an in-depth feature (7:55 am) on the kinds of weaponry used by Israel–an almost surrealistic color commentary that seem so football-game-like except that the points on the scoreboard are human lives and maimed and destroyed bodies. Through all this there is rarely a mention of Israeli casualties, especially not those of civilians.


VOP is now regularly using the term”al-Yahoud” (the Jews) instead of “al-Israillyyin” (the Israelis) or “al-janib al-Israili” (the Israeli side) in its studio reports, not to mention the field reports from correspondents. This is an important change in nuance which signals the depths of hostility.

Late News

VOP contends that Israeli tanks and artillery fired continuously today and last night at targets in Tulkarm and Salfit, as well as Ramallah. Further it contends that armed Jewish settlers attacked olive pickers in several locations.

“Clarification” for Mubarrak

Taib Abdul-Rahim, Arafat’s presidential secretary, issued a statement thanking Egyptian President Husni Mubarrak for his efforts at the recent summit and on behalf of the Palestinians. The statement was a clear effort to placate Mubarrak who was visibly annoyed at Arafat’s behavior at the summit as well as insults hurled at him by Palestinian street activists.