Summary and Analysis

VOP treated the idea of new elections in Israel somewhat diffidently, largely downplaying the possibility in the afternoon broadcasts of November 28 and incorporating news of the election law as the number six item in the November 28 late-night news. The new Israeli elections moved up a bit in the morning line-up along with some analytical features on the ramifications of the new development.

The PA also made it clear that it was not going to accept any partial or gradual political solutions, and several officials emphasized that this meant not only total Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 frontiers but also implementation of the Palestinian right of return.

The top of the news was dominated by news of martyrs being brought to rest in various locations.

The morning news included a long news feature focusing on two sets of parents who had lost children in confrontations with Israeli forces. The feature, by Sarah Masarwah, came to following conclusion:

“There is an air of fraternal camaraderie between the 82 Palestinian mothers of Gaza who lost their children in uneven confrontations with the Occupation Army firing at them. But these mothers who grieve over the loss of their loved ones glow over their children and their blessed masculinity.”

Quote of the Day

“We say to the Israelis ‘there is only one way to make peace with us, and that is by withdrawing completely, to the ’67 borders, first of all in holy Jerusalem.”
(Saeb Erikat, PA Minister for Local Rule, and chief negotiator, interviewed from Amman for VOP morning show, November 29)

Quotes from Interview with Minister Saeb Erikat, chief PA negotiator, 2 p.m., November 28:

“Mr. Barak realizes completely that the interim stage and the partial stage are completely over. The Israeli prime minister has to realize that the only thing possible is the complete ending of Israeli occupation and the execution of Resolution 242 including the complete Israeli withdrawal to the borders of June 4, 1967. We are saying with complete frankness that execution of 242 and 338 means a final solution and the release of our women prisoners and (male) detainees. We are absolutely not willing to leave anything and that means the three villages Abu Dis, El-Azariyya and (unclear) al-Sharqiyya must go into Zone A. What is the use of talking about elongated and gradual solutions?”

November 28 afternoon/evening

Afternoon Headlines

  • “Israel shells neighborhoods in Gaza this morning;
  • The Palestinian National Authority rejects interim solutions;
  • A Palestinian-Jordanian-Egyptian meeting in Aqaba;
  • In the American elections, it was announced that George Bush defeated Al Gore;
  • The Palestinian National Authority welcomes the decision of Iraq to include Palestinians in oil drilling. (Detailed story describes Iraqi request of the UN to make donation to Palestinian fund from incomes derived from UN-sanctioned drilling).

Quotes from interview with MK Ahmad Tibi
(broadcast at end of 2 p.m. news hour, November 28):

Question: “Dr. Tibi, what is your stance as Arabs in the Knesset?”

Answer: “We have said from the beginning of this revolution (i.e. the al-Aqsa Intifada) we have no links with Ehud Barak and his government, and over the weekend we made it clear that we had to shatter the political status of Ehud Barak. Therefore we will vote with the opposition for a new date for elections. Therefore Barak and his government have to fall.”

Question: “Dr. Ahmad, what specifically is your stance as Arab members (of Knesset)?”

Answer: “We will hold a meeting at 2:30 for the Arab members to set up a united Arab position, but our tendency is clearly to vote at the end for the fall of Barak.”

Evening Headlines, November 28 — 10 p.m.

  • Occupation forces continued their evil attacks against our people shelling residences in Tulkarm and Jenin and invading the villages of Hizma, north of Jerusalem, and Ramon, near Ramallah;
  • There was news of two more martyrs: Imaya Abdullah, 17 years of age, who was shot in the head by an Israeli solider, of Shati (refugee) camp, and the child Karam a-Kurd, 14 years of age, who died of shots in the head suffered a few days ago;
  • 15 citizens were wounded by live fire in Ramon;
  • Occupation troops also tried to attack today in Qalqilya;
  • Five members of one family were injured in occupied Jerusalem when Israeli security police invaded their home;
  • The tripartite Palestinian-Jordanian-Egyptian meeting just ended in Aqaba.;
  • Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak announced his readiness to accept early elections, saying he would meet other parties to determine the date of the elections;
  • In his remarks, Barak said there was no magical military solution to the Intifada of our people”

November 29, 11 a.m. Morning Headlines

  • The Intifada entered its third month in the expectation that the international community would show solidarity with the struggle of our people for their firm national rights which are indivisible: the right of return, the right of self-determination and building an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital;
  • President Yasser Arafat called on the international community to show solidarity with the Palestinian people today, the day for solidarity with the Palestinian people;
  • His excellency left the homeland today for Tunis for an official visit;
  • The president’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said that continuing international efforts had not yet brought an end to Israeli aggression against our people.

November 29, 12 Noon News Round-up

  • Three more martyrs are being brought to burial today with the other stars of the Intifada (then full details of names, ages, addresses);
  • The extremist Ariel Sharon says that he will support an emergency government in Israel until new elections are held.