Evening Headlines

  • “Four funerals in Gaza today for four martyrs who fell before Occupation aggression yesterday: the children Mith’haq Muhammad Jad-Allah, 14 years old, Muhammd Saalih al Arjah, 12 years old, and Yaseen Muhmmad Shahada, 23 years old, Hamzi Nadi al-Hasis, 27 years old;
  • Settlers from Efrat took over 50 dunams belonging to the village al-Khader;
  • Occupation forces opened heavy and wicked artillery fire on inhabited neighborhoods in Hebron;
  • Presidential Secretary Taib Abdel Rahim renewed Palestinian Authority refusal to accept any delay or staging in meeting any of the matters for discussion in final settlement….Mr. Abdel Rahim said Israeli attempts at a partial solution were an attempt to buy time…Mr. Abdel-Rahim said the Intifada had a specific political goal and that was rolling the occupation back entirely from our land and establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital….”

Quotes from Interview with Yasser Abd-Rabbo, PA Minister of Information

“The partial solutions which were acceptable before entry into talks on final status-talks which include refugees, Jerusalem and final borders-these solutions are refused for a final solution. As we’ve entered final solution, he wants to return to interim solutions but that they be permanent-only without Jerusalem and the refugees. That’s the policy we are hearing….All this mucking around shows that he’s not serious….”

Attitude to Reconciliation or Negotiation With Israel

In Abdel-Rahim’s comments-as well as comments from Abd-Rabbo and Abu-Ala (Ahmad Qreia) and other PA officials-the PA is not ruling out any talks with Israel, as long as Israel agrees to Palestinian terms.