Summary and Analysis

VOP led its Sunday morning news round-up with an interview with PA Information Minister Yasser Abd Rabbo who reiterated the PA’s demands for a complete final settlement including the right of return, Jerusalem and an independent Palestinian state in all of the West Bank and Gaza.

A similar statement Sunday by PA Presidential Secretary Taib Abdel-Rahim-underscoring the right of return — was reported in detail throughout the day.

VOP continues to feature in detail the deaths and funerals of the martyrs, giving much detail to Palestinian wounded as well. In addition, the theme of economic and medical deprivation is appearing regularly in the statements of PA officials.

Morning Headlines

  • “President Yasser Arafat to visit Yemen today, after visiting Abu Dhabi yesterday;
  • The UN General Assembly votes on resolutions supporting the Palestinian people;
  • Presidential Secretary Taib Abdel-Rahim says that a return to talks is contingent on the seriousness of Israel and its willingness to keep UN resolutions 242 and 338, meaning the principle of land for peace;
  • Shahadeh Mustafa Jafari, 26, is martyred while working on a building in al-Bireh…” (NOTE: item was then moved up to number one item in full news details)

Evening Headlines, 7 p.m.

  • “Two funerals today in Hebron and Ramallah;
  • Muhammad Dahlan says there is no point to negotiations with Israel because of Israeli mentality and racism;
  • Israel continues its siege, causing food shortages;
  • President Arafat holds talks in Yemen;
  • Minister Yasser Abd Rabbo says any future talks with Israel have to be under international supervision. He said there would be no peace with Israel without an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and a return of the refugees.”


VOP has been largely ignoring deaths and injuries of Israeli civilians in its coverage, especially in the last two weeks.


There was no coverage of the shooting of a civilian bus at the French Hill junction in Jerusalem on Friday afternoon (nor in any subsequent bulletins), although Israel said the shooting was committed by a PA policeman, who threw away his Kalashnikov rifle at the scene.

Similarly, there was no coverage of the stabbing of two Israeli civilians at the al-Ram junction in Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon

Quotes from Interview with Ahmad Abdul-Rahman, PA Cabinet Secretary

“Israel does not want an international inspection. Israel does not want international observers. Israel wants to continue its aggression against the Palestinian people as long as America is providing its protection and as long as the European countries fail to take a firm position against the aggression.

If this aggression continues, it is clear that is the election program of Ehud Barak, his government and his party and their statement to the Israeli voter.”